Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pumpkins are Fun

We've been baking away with the first pumpkin. We think the second one is much cuter. Joseph has affectionately named this one "Mrs. Pumpkin". We just cut her from the garden today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our first pumpkin

Our first Sugar Pie pumpkin. This tastes SO yummy! It is as sweet as a sweet potato-- no sugar needed! I'm thinking, pies, muffins, soup...... to see them growing in our container garden, see this blog post: Pumpkin garden I also wrote an article about growing pumpkins in a container garden-- the link is in the blog post above.

On Wings Like a Dove Mural

These are somewhat out of order.... this mural was painted for a ministry to loved ones of prodigals and prisoners called On Wings Like a Dove. The teens spent the week drawing the picture on canvas (using the grid technique)and painting it. They also spent a bit of time visiting a few downtown art studios for inspiration.The teens that worked on this project with their two teachers (Leo and Patti) did an awesome job. The mural is gorgeous. The teens drew it on the canvas using the grid technique and then painted and shaded the entire thing—with very little help from the teachers—the teachers guided and instructed, of course.

The theme of the mural is that we are spiritually free in Christ even if we are not physically free (as in prison) – that we are all called and accepted by God, Our Father –no matter where we are. The mural will be hanging in downtown Winston-Salem at the Wings Like a Dove office. The far right is a prodigal son with a father placing his hand on his head. The teens captured such great emotion!

The finished mural first ...then pictures of the work involved:

Art teachers, Leo and Patti

Garden Fun

We've had fun with our garden this year. I wrote an eHow article on how to grow pumpkins in a container garden, if you are interested.

Joseph is anxiously awaiting ripe pumpkins. He has pumpkin pie dreams. Well, he dreams of pumpkin muffins, too. While the older two are out volunteering at VBS, we had a quiet morning here and picked a few things from our garden. Purple, white and orange carrots along with a few cucumbers and tomatoes.

The last picture shows a new little pumpkin growing next to one we think will be ready to pick soon......

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer in Full Swing

We've taken all of July off from school. It has been lots of fun! After returning from Camp Sunshine, we have been just hanging out and having fun. We did have a few medical things to attend to, but July has been pretty slow in that area.

We're getting ready for the next school year and the boys' bone marrow biopsies next month. They will have auditions for Cheaper by the Dozen in a few weeks and will work on the play through early spring.

Matthew has big plans for his pro-life group. The group has planned a car wash fundraiser for August 29th. This morning he went to a pro-life breakfast with a few of the Triad Students for Life members. It was a conference/fundraiser for a local doctor who works on pro-life issues around the world. Busy morning.... as soon as that was over, he had to rush over to serve at a funeral Mass along with Joseph. Sean still does not like funeral Masses. Can't blame him for that!

Next week, Matthew and Sean are volunteering for our parish Vacation Bible School. Sean will get service hours for his confirmation next year. He's not a natural volunteer like Matthew! Luckily altar serving also counts toward service hour requirements.

Sean is also preparing for the honors recital in October. Since he received a Superior rating at the state piano competition, he was invited to play at the honors recital. Of course, he and Joseph are both busy with summer baseball, too. Of course, Matthew is gearing up to start tackle football season. Once summer winds down, we will be asking where it went!

I finally switched back to blogger because it is easier to use and I can post pictures and not have to delete them later because of storage space issues. I liked the look of the other blog, but it just isn't as user friendly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Salted Background Tutorial Video

The Salted background technique is awesome! The pictures do not so it justice. The salt creates a 3-D effect-- much like quartz. A very need addition to any hand-stamped card! I created this video for a website not too long ago and wanted to share it here. I can share it because I retain all rights to my video productions and creations. I hope you'll enjoy playing around with this technique! happy card making!

Salted Background from Pattie Curran on Vimeo.