Monday, May 30, 2011

Confirmation Week

Our youngest was confirmed this past weekend.  It was wonderful!  Now all three boys have been sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit!
They really do grow up so quickly.  I am still shocked to know that next year I will have three boys in high school!  I don't know why that thought came out, I guess my thinking about the boys growing up brought it to mind.  Back to notes on confirmation.......

The bishop gave a wonderful homily. There were a few times I wanted to yell out, "Amen!".  He told the kids that if they didn't believe, not to waste his time.  Of course, with a lot more eloquence than that.

The night before confirmation, we ate Chinese food. Joseph got a fortune that made us all laugh-- it read, "You will receive a special gift soon."  He was so excited and said, "Yes, I will be receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.'  A friend gave him a confirmation photo frame that he plans on putting a picture in along with the fortune. God has a sense of humor.

More of our postcards arrived. Serbia and Finland checked in.  Postcrossing is so neat.  We sent out a few more cards, including one to Russia.  The lady from Serbia sent a message when she received her post card. She told me (on postcrossing) that she is also Catholic and she wants to send us some pictures and information on the church she attends.

Sean and I went strawberry picking and I made jams with Sarah, also known as mini me.  I even made lemon curd!  What a fun week.  I've given quite a bit of jam away this week! I couldn't store it all.  It is all very yummy, especially the lemon curd.In other news: I ordered a Mito Awareness Rosary and can't wait until it arrives! If you are interested in ordering a Mito Rosary (she can make them in any color), visit her FB page and friend her Carolyn's FB  Once it arrives, I'll share a picture!
Three Flats of Strawberries that We Picked

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