Friday, March 30, 2012

Peace Out

I love this new beetle bug car stamp!  Too cute.  I made these cards today. I stamped "Peace Out" on the license plate.  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interesting Gas Station Encounter

Today has been an eventful day on the political front.  First a reader comment about me published in the Winston-Salem Journal and an interesting gas station encounter.   I brought my middle son to the orthodontist this morning and we stopped for gas on our way back home.  As you can see, my suburban is a work of art and a definite conversation starter.

The gas station attendant was an elderly gentleman and he said to me, "I'm surprised your window hasn't been shot out with that sign on it."   He was friendly enough.  I had to laugh because, really, if you had a choice between the window or the back of my car, which would you say made a better target?

I think he may have been conservative because he seemed to like some of my bumper stickers.  I just thought it was an interesting encounter. The Winston-Salem Journal called to verify my sending in a letter in response, so maybe it will be published tomorrow.  I'm sure it will open me up for more attacks.  It's okay-- I'm a big conservative girl.  I can handle the heat. Heck, I do drive around in this white suburban, after all.

Card Break

Between doctor visits, political rallies and homeschooling, I fit in a bit of crafting!  I made these cards for a friend whose children are receiving First Holy Communion and Confirmation this year:

Another Liberal Attack

Ah... it is okay, I'm a big girl conservative, so I can take it. In fact, their attacks are compliments to me.

 A friend alerted me to a reader letter in our local liberal rag, the Winston-Salem Journal. Rick Mashburn writes:


 Pattie Curran? Hmmm. The name rings a bell. Isn't she the mom with the teen sons who got ambushed at the opera by the twiggy thing bent in the shape of a lady-part ("Opera patron unhappy with art," March 16)? But wait. There's a person named Pattie Curran who organized a protest and spoke to the media in opposition to insurance coverage for reproductive healthcare ("Rally scheduled to protest birth control rules," March 20). That's the same Pattie Curran. Hmmm. But wouldn't that mean she had political objections to the lady-part art, since its title clearly makes a comment on the current reproductive healthcare controversy? Which in turn would mean that she was not completely honest in her argument for placing notification on the art? Hmm. Seems like maybe it was the art that got ambushed."

 I wrote a short response and submitted it to the paper (will follow these comments). Where do these liberals live? So, I can't have a political opinion? Really? Sadly, he heard what he wanted to hear and not what I actually said. While I do not agree with the political sentiment or any of the political sentiments expressed in ANY of the art displayed that evening, the messages themselves needed no parental notification. It was the display of a V that was over the top for student night.   If a right wing conservative (note the opera had no right leaning art) had an art piece of a V displayed at the opera, my response would have been the same.

I told ALL the reporters and even the opera director himself that I was very political and that I had no problem with them posting their political art all over-- remember folks, I didn't even ask that the piece be removed. Just asked that they give parental notification, just as they do for sex education in schools. Once again, I have been honest about my political leanings. I am far right and not embarrassed to share that fact. However, I am able to articulate my points without the use of vulgarity.  Not wanting to see porn is not a political statement.  Even some of my far left-leaning friends wrote letters objecting to the art being displayed without parental notification.

My letter to the paper (we'll see if it gets published!):

 "Love the "Ambushed" reader comment. Do liberals ever listen or do they only hear what they want to hear? 1) The political comments at the opera did not bother me AT ALL.... they have the right to express their political views even when I disagree 2) They have the right to display a V at their opera, I didn't say they should remove it 3) PARENTAL notification is required for SEX EDUCATION-- should not the opera have given parental notification? 4) "Ambushed" letter writer, Rick Mashburn, you get an A plus for being so astute in your observations. Yes, I am the same Pattie Curran. Notice at the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally WE stood up for our first amendment rights using our first amendment rights WITHOUT any vulgarity. Men, women and children were protesting that day and there was not a single display of objectionable material or art. Imagine that-- we can articulate our positions without objectifying women. What a novel idea! Pattie Curran"

Good gravy. Liberals need to get a grip. Yes, I am conservative and disagree with the entire message of the art-- note that I didn't mention the pro-homosexuality piece or the Obama piece-- who cares if I agree or disagree with the message. Like I've said over and over-- even at ADULT night, my reaction would have been different. It was not appropriate for the Piedmont Opera to display a V on Student Night without parental notification. For this Mr. Mashburn to say I wasn't honest is unconscionable. I told everyone exactly where I stood and even told the opera director himself that it wasn't the pro-Obama message that was the problem. It was the vulgarity and the art I considered porn being displayed on Student night. Can you imagine what the left would do if Rush Limbaugh displayed Vs at one of his events to get his political points across? Oh, right, there's always that double standard-- they can do it, but the right can't. Darn... always gets in the way..... that we have a sense of decorum and have moral convictions.

Official Video for the Nationwide Religious Freedom Rallies

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wake Forest Hosts NC Tea Party Debates

Watch live this evening at:

Fr. John's Speech at the Indianapolis Rally

Obama was right.... before he was wrong

Refuting Obama's 99%

This past week has been exciting, crazy and fun. I had the audacity to say that the Winston-Salem Journal was a liberal rag this week.... it upset one of the reporters and he sent me a message. I replied, "Any paper who quotes Obama for statistics on Women's health issues is a liberal rag." I invited him to debate the topic in public, he declined. Why not explain why you think I am wrong in public? I am not afraid and I have a backbone. I stick to my claim that the Winston-Salem Journal is a liberal rag. Here is a nice article refuting the paper's claim and Obama's claim that 99% of women have used contraception. The CDC says Obama is wrong. Why didn't the Winston-Salem Journal do a bit of research before quoting Obama's false statistic? It seems to me that 99% would be high given the population of UNDERAGE women..... but the CDC says 13.9% have never had sex. Obama clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. A point the paper and Obama seem to miss is this: it DOESN'T matter what percentage of women do or don't use contraception! The Catholic Church has always taught that contraception is wrong, and therefore, it does not matter. The Catholic Church should never be forced to pay for something it proclaims to be morally wrong. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church allows for and covers birth control pills used to treat DISEASE. We are not afraid of this battle. We will fight to stop the HHS mandate and to repeal Obamacare. Here comes the Catholic Church.

Test of Fire: Election 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring 2012

Deb's RallyPhoto Montage

Deb did a great job of documenting the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally on Friday. You can see the photos she took on her blog. I love her photos and her commentary! I think you will, too!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Videos: Why People Came to the Rally

We interviewed quite a few people who attended the rally (before and after).  These are the videos: 

Religious Freedom Rally Speech Videos

Here are the speeches from the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Winston-Salem, NC:

Opening Prayer: 

Fr. John's speech:

Debra's Speech:

James' Speech:

Mark's Speech:

Stu's Speech:

Buddy's speech:

Michael's Speech:

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally- Winston-Salem, NC

Within five minutes of arriving at the rally site, five US Marshals were already talking to me and asking for our permit to protest. A few minutes after that, the Winston-Salem Police Department was doing the same! 

I'm currently uploading the video segments of the rally. We made it onto three different news stations tonight, though I can't find the video segments on line for all of them. The Winston-Salem Journal was also present. Here is a link to the News 14 video segment on the rally.You can see the FOX 8 news link here.

A family from Pakistan posted this photo on our Facebook Wall It really brought tears to my eyes knowing that families around the world were standing with us in prayer and support!

We had over 250 people turn out for our rally in Winston-Salem, NC. God is good! Here are a few photos from today:

Mark Speaking

Fr. John being interviewed

Fr. John Speaking

Grace being Interviewed