Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parental Responsibility

As we are going through Advent and preparing for the birth of Christ, I began reflecting on parental responsibility. The Catholic Church often repeats that parents are the primary educators of their children. We are! It is a great responsibility given to each parent -- homeschooled or otherwise. Even if you send your kids to school, you are still the primary educator of your child(ren).

Recently, there was a small incident that made me really reflect upon my duties and responsibilities as a parent. What came from my prayerful consideration of the entire situation was: it is my God given right as a parent to speak with anyone regarding my child. At any moment or time...... especially if the person to whom I speak is directly involved in an incident where my child was present. Regardless of what others think or feel. As a parent, it is not only my right, but it is a duty! We cannot allow fear of what others might think, say or do, keep us from fulfilling our parental duties. God has given us these gifts (our children) and He expects much.

On Christmas day, Jesus was born. His birth, more than any other in history, came with great responsibility. Mary and Joseph had to protect our innocent Lord from all harm, they escaped Herod's murderous plot.... they protected Jesus as he grew in wisdom. When I think about my responsibility as a parent and then reflect on the Holy family, I am humbled! Can you even begin to imagine the weight of responsibility that Mary and Joseph felt?

God has given us marvelous gifts and He gives us all the graces we need to succeed in parenting! May you have a blessed Advent! As I await the birth of Christ this year, I thank God for my children and for His many gifts. I pray that I will not fall short and that with His help, I will be the best parent I can be! God, grant me the grace to persist in faith and to educate my children in your ways. With your grace, Mary and Joseph were able to help Jesus grow in Your wisdom, grant that I may be like Mary and Joseph and that my children may grow in faith and in Your wisdom. Amen!

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