Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our St. Francis

Several days ago, I was grading papers and I saw Joseph dash across the room.  He had a can of tuna in his hand.  He'd already brought a small bowl of milk to the front porch, too. I missed the milk going out the door.  Stray cat.  Not our cat.  Joseph fed the cat and I told him, "This cat is not ours and you will have to find the owner."  That was several days ago. 

Yesterday, Joseph carried the cat in the pet carrier door to door looking for his owner.  He came back with a huge smile across his face and announced, "Toni doesn't belong to anybody.  Can we keep him!?"  He'd been named Toni because the boys felt it was a name that could be used for a boy or a girl.  Even Matthew likes Toni.  THAT is a surprise.

Toni likes my front porch swing and he also likes the planter just outside our front door. Toni is making himself at home.  A friend told me tonight that Toni has an owner.  Us.  Joseph says he wants to use the money he has saved up from his dog sitting job to pay for Toni to go to the vet and get shots.  He is pretty serious about this cat.  Today, Joseph introduced Toni to Henry, our bunny.  I'm not sure where this is going, but if Toni is here when we get back from our medical trip, then we may have to keep him.   Dad is not a big fan of animals, so he may run Toni off while we are gone.  Joseph is asking St. Francis to help keep Toni around while we are gone.

Here are a few pictures that Joseph took of Toni.  I also took a few. 

Henry Meets Toni

Henry Checks Toni Out


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