Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Go Pack Go! I Mean, Pack your Bags!

Yes, I am a Packers fan, but this isn't a post about the team that will win the Super Bowl. Packing in our house is beyond crazy. I've got one OCD kid and that alone can make it crazy. I hate packing medical supplies. I made up cath kits (60) and got all the supplies for SCIG. I even remembered the pump. Since Joseph is sick, I don't want to delay SCIG a day or two.... it will help him fight the crud. He has a knack for getting fevers while we are on trips.....which means a trip to an unknown doctor. Please stay fever free, Joseph!

Pills and more...... it is always a miracle if I don;t forget at least one thing. We'll see if this trip is a miracle or not. I pack their pills in ziplocs or morning and night doses. It makes it easier when we travel. We've tried al sorts of fancy pill containers and in the end, ziploc bags end up being the most useful. Joseph takes over 40 pills a day and Sean only takes about 25 or so.

Do you have boys? I sometimes wonder about mine. Monday, I told them to have all of their stuff packed before bed. Then, I asked dad to check their bags. Everyone told me they were packed and ready to go.

This morning after spending a few hours waiting for Sean to have his MRI, I noticed Joseph was looking for things. He had not packed his jeans.... or certain items he wanted to bring. When I inquired as to why he had nto packed them, he said, "I forgot that I would need jeans." He forgot. Next up? Sean. He packed his clothes, but had to spend an hour packing the other items he needed to bring on the trip. What? He said he didn't realize when I told him to pack that I meant for him to pack ALL of hsi stuff. No, dear, not all of it... just the stuff you'll need on the trip.

Really, Go Pack. Go. And I do hope they win the Super Bowl. The MRI experience was a strange one. I'll have to update on it tomorrow. Dad is enjoying the rest of the week at home by himself. He fixed the brakes, the leaking hoses and everything else on the car.... now he gets to rest. We made it to Atlanta in the pouring rain. I'd relax for less than a minute, then without even realizing it, I would find myself tensed up again. Such is the nature of driving in pouring rain. Hope tomorrow we have clear skies! Maybe I can talk the Mito doctor into moving up to North Carolina? It is such a long trip.......

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