Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Ordinary Day

People often ask me what homeschooling is "like" or where do you "do it"? is another question that always comes up.  Over the years and as houses have changed, our  homeschooling space has changed. When the kids were smaller, we could get away with less space.   Our first house had no room for homeschooling other than at the kitchen table.  Matthew did his Kindergarten work there.  Our second house had a great classroom! I really miss that classroom! The previous owners had finished a room in their basement complete with storage space, closets and a wet bar, which became our science bar. Our current house doesn't have a finished basement and we've had dreams of having a classroom down there for years.  We started out doing school work in a spare bedroom here in this house, but after a year, I was going stir crazy!  Now, our classroom consists of a den turned library work room and a formal dining room turned craft and school room.

An ordinary day consists of getting up, doing a few chores, eating and hopefully brushing teeth.  Some mornings are better than others with only a few reminders to take their pills and bring down their dirty clothes.   I've given up on fighting with them to keep their desks organized. Warning: this pictures show a messy school area!

Matthew looking up at me instead of doing his work

Sean at his MESSY desk
Joseph Taking a Test at the small station in the kitchen. Above, you can see his salt and pepper shaker collection (he loves to collect these!) and some of their art work, too....

Joseph Reading with his Bunny

This is pretty much an ordinary day in our house. Most days, we manage to get all of their school work done!

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