Monday, July 16, 2012

Rosetta Stone Spanish Homeschool Version

I finally caved and purchased the Rosetta Stone Homeschool version for Independent Study through Seton. Barnes and Noble had a great sale on Rosetta Stone this weekend (may still be on sale), I got it cheaper than the sale on the RS website.

So far, it is pretty amazing!  I think this will give me a huge sense of relief that the kids can REALLY work on their own and learn the language.  Just using a workbook and some time here and there from dad wasn't successful.  That is what Seton offers.  We would talk to Manuel on the phone. A lot.

The RS website says each level is one academic year, if you are wondering. I've already completed two lessons and may learn Spanish with my people.  I just have to break my French habits.... I took French in high school and college and keep slipping in my Spanish pronunciations!

Submitted the Independent Study paperwork and we are ready to go.

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