Saturday, June 28, 2014

Only Ten More to Go

Last weekend was the baptismal anniversary of my middle son, so we celebrated by baking a cake and looking through pictures from the day he was baptized. As we were looking through one of the albums, we came across the card I had given my husband to tell him that we were expecting our second child. 
We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes as we remembered the day I gave him this card. I didn't say a word...just let him read the card. I didn't remember that I had written "Only ten more to go!" on the back.

We didn't know then what God's plan was. We now have 3 here on earth and 20 souls in heaven. God knew we'd need special saints in heaven praying for us! He gave us a big family. Just not here on earth. We will have a glorious reunion in heaven one day.

I am so very  blessed that we have our Catholic faith. I am thankful that we were always open to life-- from the moment we got married (Our oldest is a *honeymoon baby*). I cannot imagine life without my precious sons. I started having miscarriages at the age of 30, and that just makes me feel extraordinarily happy that we knew before we got married that we would be faithful to His Church and her teachings. This card really is a joyful reminder that we've ALWAYS tried to live our Catholic faith as a couple. I am blessed. Not always perfect, but we've always tried! God is god. God is faithful.


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