Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Catholics

People are often puzzled by how we live our faith. Yes, we are crazy Catholics in love with God. We follow Church teaching and that may seem crazy to many, but there are many of us crazy Catholics out there! I think the biggest thing that make folks think we are crazy is that we don't se birth control and that we continue to have miscarriages. On the birth control issue, I won't go into debate on BC ... but I simply say that we trust God in ALL things. We can't just say we trust you in ALL areas except this one. We either trust God all the way or nothing else.

If we are not oepn to life, then we don't allow God to perform that miracle. The 21st pregnancy could be the one that makes it. Most of our friends know that Joseph doesn't have a match in the bone marrow donor registry. A sibling is the best chance Joseph has. While we have not tried to have more children, we do believe that God could also perform a double miracle: we' could have a baby make it to term and that baby could be a match for Joseph. We do believe that no matter what, if Joseph needs a bone marrow transplant, God will provide a match for him. Sibling or stranger. He was run against 6.5 million people in the registry and had no match, but it only takes one and God IS able.

Matthew is not feeling well today and is resting a bit. He is trying to work on his book report because he can't have a day without doing SOME school work! Sean and Joseph are doing fine. They are working on writing about the shot heard round the world. Of course they are also doing math, spelling, vocabulary.............

We are all excited about a Halloween party we are planning. It is helping me to focus on something other than what is going on at the moment. We hope to have the party on Friday, October 31. We'll turn our yard into a Halloween playground..... If I get to the othe rcomputer, I will try to post some pictures of Matthew's first varsity game. Hegot an interception. We were all so excited and proud of him! We LOVE fotball and it is even more exciting when we get to watch him play. God has blessed us with so much!

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