Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baseball season is in full swing.  It seems like it is filling up a lot of our time between practice and games and more practice!  Sean has been really excited about baseball.  I've taken a few good pictures of baseball this season.  I keep forgetting my camera!  This Wednesday, we are going to go out to watch teh Winston-Salem Dash play.  Matthew is a bat boy and we can't wait to see him work.   Come out and heckle him with us at the noon game on Wednesday, if you are able.

It is also that time of year-- CAT testing!  We just got the CAT this past week and the boys will do the testing tomorrow.  Sean exclaimed, "I love the California Achievement Test!  It is the easiest day of the year!"  We've got confirmation thsi week and we have scheduled NO appointments!   We've got quite a few in June, but nextweek, we're taking a break!

Here's a picture of Sean batting:

Sean coming around third:

Sean making it to home plate:

Sean throwing the ball from outfield:

Couldn't resist this shot!  The pitcher taking a break.

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