Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Catholic Stationery, Holy Water bottles and More....

Yesterday, we went to Belmont Abbey for the Bishop's teen Lenten retreat.  We were able to go into the bookstore and purchase a few things.  I bought Joseph's Confirmation gifts and I also bought the cutest Catholic Stationery and a tiny, purse size bottle to hold Holy Water!   The stationery had a website , check them out! Very pretty items on their site.  We've had a long week and the other day, I received a surprise gift from a friend in Israel.  A beautiful scarf.  I really needed it after finding out that Joseph also has high blood pressure issues and will need a sleep study.  Hopefully, the sleep study will be normal.  We still have to keep track of Sean's blood pressure and now we add Joseph.  I was shocked when we got a reading of 140/77 for him.  He's been staying in the 130s with a few dips into the high 120s.  Apparently, this is all part of Mitochondrial Disease.

To illustrate how OCD I am, I will share this with you.  I went out and purchased a new blood pressure monitor --even after talking to the Target pharmacist that said we already owned a very good and reliable brand.  I also have a manual BP cuff and stethoscope.  This new monitor gets the same readings as the old ones and my manual BP readings. *sighs*  This hasn't changed since they were young and failure to thrive. I would count and recount the calories, count the number of items they ate, then add up the calories... 2400, 2700, 3000 and shake my head thinking, "They can't not gain weight with that number of calories," then I would recount them again and again.....  It wold have been easier to fix if it was only a mathematical error on my part.  Same goes for the blood pressure monitor, it would be a lot easier to fix his blood pressure if it were only the monitor that was not working.

Cute Holy Water bottle from Belmont Abbey
Scarf my friend sent from Israel

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