Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day in May

I love the month of May! Daffodils and irises have usually already bloomed, Purple Cone Flower and Bee Balm are starting to bud along with my lavender. Mint, strawberries and blackberries are back for another year of delicious flavor. My roses are hanging in there after a year of neglect. I'm headed out today to feed them my special concoction made with beer. This year, I will take better care of my roses. This beer concoction should perk them and all my blooming flowers right up. Roses are very high maintenance flowers.

My garden is really coming alive. My tomatoes (started from seed) are looking so pretty. I can't wait to taste the first fruit! The last few days are the first in many weeks that I've actually been home long enough to weed and work in the garden. Gardening soothes my soul. This year, I am adding a few more lavender plants to my garden. I love perennial plants. They come back year after year and make gardening simple. I added more Echinacea (Purple Cone flower) to my garden this year, too.

One day, my dream is to pull the hedges in the front of the house and place a perennial garden there. We have a lovely magnolia tree on the corner, that will soon cover the shrubs.... and flowers are much prettier than these ugly green bushes! I can see large bunches of lavender in their place...... of course, hubby doesn't know this yet, and it might be a long time before this dream is realized. ~laughter~

I hope you've enjoyed the free tutorial videos that I have posted. I've enjoyed making them! In my spare time, that is. The boys are plodding along in school... closing out the 3rd quarter and making headway on the 4th. We will get a summer break! I can see it at the end of the tunnel. Other than a few summer colds, everyone is healthy. Flag football on the weekends and baseball taking up much of the week. Sean was able to pitch in a game last week and will hopefully pitch in tomorrow's game. Here are a few shots of him pitching.

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