Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The day we arrived, we set up our camp site and headed to Zapata Falls, which is part of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The falls are gorgeous! We'd arrived in the early afternoon and knew it was too hot to climb the dunes. The next morning, we got up and made it to the top of the highest dune in the park, a 750 foot dune known as Star Dune.

This was no easy task. Our youngest had difficulty, but we took turns staying back with him, dousing him with water and motivating him to move on.  One of the medications he takes on a daily basis keeps him from sweating like he should, so we always have to be prepared.

On days like today, I try to remember some of the things he has pushed himself to do in the past.  Today is another bad Mito day and he is having back pain, leg pain and just generally tired.  He doesn't feel like he can make it to football practice.  *sighs*  I hate these days, so it is good to look back and remember that sometimes he CAN.

Sean at the top
view of the sand dunes from our camp site

view of the sand dunes from our camp site

another view from our camp site

driving into the park

Sean and Joseph at Zapata Falls

Joseph at Zapata Falls

Chris and Joseph at the falls
Just about to climb the falls

Sand Dunes Camp Site

Sean at Zapata Falls

Joseph at the falls

Climbing the dunes-almost at the top.

Matthew at the top

An exhausted Joseph

Me with the boys at the top

Sean at the top

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