Friday, March 16, 2012

I LOVE the Anger of the Liberal Left

Wow.. the comments and FB messages. Gotta love the anger of the liberal left. They completely miss the point. Over and over again they kept saying I was trying to censor the art and called me and my children all sorts of vile things. One woman said, "Did you see that woman's blog? She is very political, she did this to make a political statement."

Um, no..... as I said it before and I will say it again, the political statements did not bother me ONE bit. I do not agree with the artist's political statement, but that was not why I suggested it would have been appropriate for the opera to let parents know there was a V piece on display. I did not request the piece be moved, just asked that they notify the public that such a piece was being displayed at student night. That would enable parents the CHOICE to opt out of seeing the vulgar piece of art.

Let's begin here: Parents must consent for their children to receive sex education at school. They can opt out. The opera directer said he felt the piece was appropriate because they have illustrations in the sex ed materials. SO, the opera director took the liberty of assuming every child's parent had already consented to the public school system's sex education program.

Had she had her statement about the aspirin between the knees with a picture I didn't consider to be porn, I would be fine with that. There were several pieces -- and they each made a political statement. ALL of them were left of center viewpoints. Had the person who made the anonymous comment below read any of my posts, this person would know that the abstract sexual piece wasn't something that I felt needed parental notification (other parents may feel differently) -- it was abstract -- the building in the picture posted in this comment is ABSTRACT.

Anonymous comment:
"How can you let your children outside when THIS vulgarity is on display 24/7 in the middle of your beloved community?
This must be torn down so that the 18 year olds don't have to feel inadequate."

Several friend saw the picture of the V and said there is no doubt that this is the opening of a woman's V. The anatomical parts are all there. One woman commented that she saw the V and thought it was fine for her child. Good for her. If the opera had told her, she could still have CHOSEN to see the V with her child. NO one, including myself, is trying to take away the V piece. Notification, that's all we felt would be appropriate.

There was an Obama piece, too. It was very weird, but he wasn't naked. I did not agree with the political statements, but hey... whatever. My children didn't particularly think it was very artistic (we had an opportunity to discuss the art on the way home from the opera) In fact, my husband and I laughed when my youngest said something like, "That one picture where they used a can for the man's private and the bolt for the girl's, that was just dumb. Why would anyone want to do that?" He said this before any of us even mentioned the "art", which lead us into discussing some of it on the journey home.

Again, NONE of the political statements would have caused me to speak up. It was the fact that the political statement came with a woman's V that caused me to act. AND... if this was an ADULT opera, I would have said, "WOW, that's weird," and moved on. However, this was STUDENT night and I didn't feel it was appropriate for minors to see without the consent of a parent. Can the Piedmont Opera post a Playboy Centerfold in their lobby on student night if they call it "art"?

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Lisa said...

The Liberal left believes we are all entitled to THEIR opinion. We are the ones who are intolerant, but aren't they the ones being intolerant of our opinion? Nowhere have you called anyone names. All you said is that they shouldn't have had something like that on display with minors present. I couldn't agree more. I would have been infuriated if my children were exposed to that, too. You keep fighting the fight!