Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas and LSU

I don't just do crafts, manage medical care and homeschool.  I'm an LSU fan.  Yesterday, I temporarily became an Alabama fan because their winning against Auburn would be better for LSU.  When it comes to the national Championships...... if LSU isn't in the game, then I will cheer for any SEC team.  SEC rules.   Today, I am decked out in my finest LSU gear. LSU T-shirt, LSU sweatshirt, LSU sweat pants, LSU socks and LSU Crocs.  I told my husband today that all I needed was an LSU headband to complete the outfit.  I even have a special LSU bowl to serve the chips in. 

Today, LSU is going to beat Arkansas.  Or so I hope!

Something I don't do:  Black Friday.  We had some friends cme over last night, they had a successful Black Friday.  This is a tradition for their family.  They enjoy it.  I'm too scared to brave the crowds and crazy people. ~smile~

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends.  All the guys and kids played football in the front yard.  A traditional Thanksgiving event.  I created Christmas luminaries and matching cards.  Really cute.  In fact, I like them so much, I want to make more! 

A peaceful day for me?  A wonderful day for me?  A day where I can craft or scrapbook while watching football.  It just doesn't get any better than that! Well, it does get better than that if LSU or Green bay wins! 

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