Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election wows......

Did you have an Election Party? We did! WOW! What an historic night! America is a right of center country and we saw them rebel against Obama's policies on election night. After 112 years, Republicans now have control of the General Assembly here in North CArolina...... THAT is history making! Now we can get our bills introduced on the floor! Our pro-life bills such as pro-life license plates that the Democrats have blocked for many years. WHY!? Why are they opposed to having a pro-life license plate? Afraid people might respect life or something? We can also get the fetal homicide bill introduced....and also get spending under control and lower taxes.

The American people have spoken and taken back the house. Whose house IS it? The people's house! We made gains in the Senate, too. We can now keep the leftist agenda from taking over our country-- we can hopefully keep the federal government from overstepping its bounds!

Along with the electuion excitement, we've had lots of dental work, headaches and pain issues... sinus infections, etc. Hopefully, the second round of antibiotics and the new migraine meds will get those under control.

I've had some technical difficulty with my videos for Twosday's Techniques. One True Media had been down and has really bad customer service. I tried out Vimeo, but they don;t have the editing capabilities that One Trie Media has.

Pray for me on Saturday-- I need to make money on my cards. I am selling them at a Bazaar. We are going into debt paying for the Mito cocktail and it would be nice to be able to pay some on the credit card! :-) Also pray that we get a grant to help pay the costs-- it is a long shot, but we are trying anyway. The boys' doctor wrote a letter for each of them and we have to submit financial info, etc. Here's praying!

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