Thursday, June 9, 2011

Handy Sean

Sean is a handyman around the house!  Remember the dishwasher repair guy messed up and the dishwasher leaked causing damage to the wood floor? I posted a picture earlier this week.... Since the owner of the At Your Service -TODAY "Appliance Repair" from High Point, NC did the original repair, we requested someone other than him to come back out (OH! He complained and moaned the entire time he was fixing the dishwasher! It was awful and had us laughing in the other room at times!).  Tony had originally come out to assess the problem and he is a great guy!  Unfortunately, Tony could only say that he didn't THINK anything his boss did caused the leak and therefore At Your Service -TODAY- "Appliance Repair" refused to repair our wood floor. 

I'm a dishwasher snob.  I love my dishwasher.  It is a Bosch.  Prior to the repair men coming to our home, the dishwasher would run here and there. The pump was broken and leaking and since the Bosch has an automatic water shut off once the dishwasher gets too full of water, we never had a leak, when the water level would drop, the dishwasher would run fine with water coursing through its insides with nary a leak.  Chris (the owner, not my hubby) came out to repair it once the part came in.  He walked through the door complaining how hard it was to fix the dishwasher, then proceeded to moan, groan and complain the entire few hours he spent in our home. Perhaps we should have moaned and complained that we were paying him over $400 to repair our dishwasher!

Chris even admitted to his worker, Tony,  that he did not run the washer before he closed it all up to be sure there were no leaks.  While Tony won't say it was caused by anything his boss did, we KNOW it was because of what his boss did.  We'd of given the repair guy the flooring we had, so they would not have had to pay for that! I  think it is an unethical business practice to know your shoddy workmanship caused damage to another's property and not even offer to repair the damage.  Luckily, we had extra wood flooring saved in the basement and my Sean is handy! There are a few imperfections, but for free and his first time, who is going to complain!? Here is the finished job (he only needs dad to help put the molding back under the dishwasher):

In the end, a few of the boards had mold on them from water, no doubt.. I am always dripping water near the sink. Luckily, there wasn't but a bit of mold growth on the wood (not on the plastic barrier).  Tile is in our future. 

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