Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jam Sweet Jam and.... Diets

We've made more jam...... yum, yum. Yesterday, we bought some South Carolina peaches (better than Georgia peaches, I'm afraid!) and I made jam late last night.  Then, today, I made more peach jam along with some raspberry jam and blackberry jam.  Absolutely divine.  The boys had biscuits for breakfast and spread jam I made a few weeks ago all over them.  Strawberry and strawberry-blackberry mix were the jams of choice this morning. What I made last night and today go into the freezer for consumption later! Sunday we are going to pick tart cherries to make jam!  YUM.  I'll freeze some for pies, too. 

 If you want more info on how I made my jam, please visit the post on jam there at this link: Pattie's Wildtree Kitchen  I am really excited about my cooking blog and about starting Wildtree, too!  I'm going to post all sorts of recipes there, not just Wildtree exclusive.  I even have a few of my HCG Diet approved recipes posted there. If you are interested in HCG Diet approved recipes, they are posted here (more will be added as time goes on):  HCG Recipes . My friend and I did one round of the HCG diet over Lent and recently started a second round.  We had to create some tasty recipes to survive!  If you are into Low-carb cooking, I will also share those along with my sugar-free recipes!  I've lost over 30 pounds on the HCG diet!  My goal is to reach 45 pounds and then maintain by eating no sugar and lo carb during the week and then letting myself eat what I want on weekends.  During the break from HCG rounds, I did this and maintained my weight-- even lost 1/2 a pound! You can find low carb recipes here: Pattie's Low Carb Recipes.  Be sure to check back often...I just started the blog and will be adding recipes daily!!! 

Here are my jam pictures... don't they look yummy!?
First batch of Peach Jam
Raspberry, peach and blackberry jam

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