Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

As I head to Mass, I am going to reflect upon this quote (below my ramblings), pray for Obama and his administration, pray for the Supreme Court to reach the proper ruling on this attack of religious freedom and pray for our nation. I believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction and we need to pray, pray, pray and vote pro-life and pro-religious freedom (i.e. not vote for Obama). These attacks on religious freedoms cannot stand.  The last attack by the Obama administration was tossed out by a unanimous (that's all 9 justices) decision of the Supreme Court.  Obama and his administration wanted to force churches to ordain men and women-- the Supreme Court stopped him and upheld religious freedom.

"The Catholic Church defends religious liberty, including freedom of conscience, for everyone. The Amish do not carry health insurance. The government respects their principles. Christian Scientists want to heal by prayer alone, and the new health-care reform law respects that. Quakers and others object to killing even in wartime, and the government respects that principle for conscientious objectors."

"By its decision, the Obama administration has failed to show the same respect for the consciences of Catholics and others who object to treating pregnancy as a disease. This latest erosion of our first freedom should make all Americans pause. When the government tampers with a freedom so fundamental to the life of our nation, one shudders to think what lies ahead."

- Cardinal-Elect Dolan of NY

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