Wednesday, February 1, 2012

World of Coke and Pokes

After poking 4 times, she called in another nurse
The week before last--searching for another spot
We don't always do fun things on our medical trips.  This last one, we decided to visit the World of Coke afterward. testing and GA Tech tour. We decided to visit the Coke museum partly because we'd had two weeks of medical "pokies" before and ended up with more! I caved!   Sure, they are just needle sticks, but when you are a kid like Joseph who never gets a line in or blood drawn on the first poke, life can seem a bit unfair.  We had several four and five pokie days.  I still call them pokies.  When Joseph was little, that is what he called them and the name stuck. We try to tell the people drawing blood, but they never believe us.  These ladies told Joseph that he was going to leak when he drank something on this particular day (above).

Sean is an easy stick. Got him the first try.

The lobby of one medical plaza in Atlanta had some great art work.  After our visit, Joseph and I stared at the blown glass art for quite a while. I actually laughed when I realized we'd been having a conversation about the art....that doesn't happen with a 14 year old very often....conversations about art.

The pokies were not fun.  I tried to tell the ladies in Atlanta, but was told she could get blood from a turnip.  I believe she was humbled by the 4th stick.   The glass art shown here is amazing-- we tried to see if we could find any sort of pattern in the rainbow piece.   Do you see a pattern?    The pear is the most unique lighting fixture I have ever seen.  It was fun to look at.  

First try

Second try

Third try

Between tries

He looks a bit like Darth Vader during this CPET testing

At the Varsity eating lunch--super cheap prices!
my favorite art at the World of Coke--love this mixed media work
4th attempt and success


Got Sean on the first stick

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