Sunday, February 5, 2012

LIFE is Beautiful

Life really is beautiful.  While Sean is still sick, his fever did not get as high last night and his energy level seems to be better.  The pediatrician called again today as we were headed home from Mass.  Today's Mass was beautiful.  All Masses are beautiful, of course, but some more than others.  We decided to go to a different church for Mass and the difference was amazing!  We sat toward the front and there were several large families with babies and small little ones right in  front.  A cute couple with a baby about six months old sat two pews in front of us and a mom with her two toddler boys was directly in front of us.  Very different than oru current parish where children have been banished to the "training room" -- sure, they are welcome, welcome to sit in the training room our of site and ear shot. It was simply beautiful to see these families celebrating Mass. I actually giggled when the mom in front of us took her two boys out before Mass began.  One of them was giving her a bit of [quiet] trouble.  He came back in and behaved quite well during Mass. 

We heard babbling coming from the back of the church every now and again, the Mass wasn't paused and it was a joyful celebration. The best part was seeing all the babies coming up at Holy Communion!  There were at least 20 babies!  WOW! We've been lucky to have two or three in attendance at Mass at our parish lately (that I see).  I think we've run them away.  We know of 5 homeschooling families who have left our parish and several families we used to see are MIA. 

It felt wonderful to be at Mass with all families and children being welcome.  Not just welcome to stay in a closed room in the back.  Life IS beautiful and babies are a beautiful reminder of that very thing.  Their coos and babbles are special prayers to God, I am sure.  Afterward, we had the blessing of throats (St. Blaise's feast day was Friday)   A great start to Super Bowl Sunday!

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