Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football Mania

Yesterday was a great day for Sean! We were so very excited to watch him play in his first football game in years. He made some great plays (Great kick off return!!) He has some weird issues, that we assume are Mito related. He played an entire JV game, then played two plays in Varsity. I watched him on the sidelines and could tell that his hip was hurting. This is common and he has this with baseball, riding a bike or just any physical exercise. The strange thing is that he was unable to lift his leg completely for a while after the game, he had to use his arms to help. It seemed better after the Mito Cocktail and some rest. Today we are only dealing with his post-exercise headache and hip pain. It is what it is.... life with Mito. Thankful that Matthew doesn't ever experience pain after the games, though!

I'm hoping the pain clinic and Mito doctors have ideas on how to help both boys. Mitochondrial disease has no cure... we can only manage the symptoms. I am proud of what Sean accomplished today. Proud mom moment made prouder because I know what he has to overcome to be on that football field. This week is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, so tell someone about Mito and help us find a cure! 

Matthew did a greet job on the field, too. His team had several injuries before the first game-- broken leg, broken thumb requiring surgery. Today, the QB was taken to the ER in the first half of the game (broke his shoulder). Matthew played offense and defense and was in most of the entire game. He played Wide receiver, cornerback and a bit of tight end. He had some great plays, forced fumbles and fumble recoveries. I have some of it caught on film. It was a cold, rainy day! Pictures follow. Go Panthers!

Brothers. Forced Picture, Can you tell?

JV Praying before the game

Sean's awesome Kickoff Return!

Sean's kickoff Return

Sean at the bottom of the pile after the kickoff return

Sean #61 Starting Left tackle


I like how the teammate has his elbow on Sean's back

Teams together after the game... only in a Christ-centered league

Varsity praying before the game



Matthew Blocking

In the huddle (Matthew #29)

Matthew about to force a fumble..then get the ball for his team

Mathew's hand is pushing the ball out......

Mathew keeps his eye on the ball.....

Still heading to get the ball

Matthew gets the ball for his team!

Mathew holds on tight!

Great job, Matthew!

Again..... last shot... great job! 

I'd hate to see #29 heading my way!

Matthew wants to tackle.... if you've got the ball, #29 is coming after you!

Mathew going after the green guy

Good coverage, Matthew, they won't pass to this guy because you are ON him!

Mathew makes another tackle


Eye on the ball.....

If  you'd like to see the over 400 pictures I took of the Youth, JV and Varsity Panthers, click this link:  Pictures

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