Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spanish Helps

We're making our way through Spanish I with two of our boys.  Seton's Spanish Counselor will be my new best friend these next few years!  He gave us a few Spanish resources, as did our priest. We also found a few on our own. Chris has been using eLanguage Spanish Essentials for the computer to help him (he flies to Mexico and Central America quite a bit) We found High School Advantage from www.southwestern.com had a helpful Spanish language tool, too.

Apps:  Matthew likes the iTranslate App he purchased and I found a free app called LL Spanish that is VERY helpful!  I think LL Spanish is only available for the iPad, where the one Matthew purchased is available for both his iTouch and my iPad.  Another free Spanish App called Essentials seems to be okay, too.  It is worth a shot, since it is free.


Manuel at Seton gave us these: 

A Catholic TV station with lots of great things and this foreign language vocabulary site  (this site will pronounce the words for you)

Our priest uses this:  Ambiguo (this site pronounces the words for you)

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