Friday, September 16, 2011

PSAT and Moving Toward College

Where did the years go?  I can't believe Matthew is scheduled to take the PSAT on October 14!  As he moves closer to graduating, it seems that college could be a reality.  Hopefully, it will be a reality, but you never know what path he will chose to take.  Though, I do know that path will be directed by God. 

He is such a great kid! On the 24th of September he will be working a pro-life booth at the Eucharistic Congress.  He is working for Room at the Inn of the Carolinas, a maternity home for homeless women. He's been on their board for a year now and works to help raise money for this wonderful cause.  He is still very active in the Triad Students for Life group he started several years ago.  I know that whatever path he chooses, God will be at the center.

Now back to getting him through 11th grade!

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