Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Seed to Skillet

This past weekend I had a date night with hubby (this doesn't happen often!). We went to dinner and the headed to the book store! I purchased a book titled From Seed to Skillet It is a wonderful gardening book! Since we've already started pruchasing the seeds for our garden this year, I was very excited to get my hands on this book!  I'd seen an interview with the author and knew I'd love this book to pieces.  Some people buy clothes, I buy books.

The author goes into detail about growing vegetables from seed. Complete with gardening tips. composting tips, how to start the seed, care for the young plants all the way to harvest. THEN the book includes recipes to use with your fresh garden produce. There is even a section on how to build beds and raised beds for your garden.
We love to garden, so this book is an excellent addition to our gardening section in our library.  Over the years, my children and I have gardened for many reasons. We've made specific animal gardens (our bunny garden) and some for butterflies and insects, too. We love to have plants that attract bees to the yard to help pollenate all of the flowers we love so much and we have plants that attract butterflies and feed the caterpillars.  We love to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup from the wonderful pumpkins we grow, salsa and salad with our tomatoes and we love to feed our bunny fresh carrots.   Joseph picked up catnip seeds in honor of our new pet, Valentine, this season.

I like Heirloom veggies because I know I can collect the seed from the produce to grow more plants the following year. Heirloom varieties are varieties that have been around for over half a century or longer and whose seed is able to produce future generations of vegetable plants.  I'd love to hear what you are planning in your garden this year.  We are looking forward to spring and are already getting seeds started in our "little greenhouses".  Happy gardening and happy eating!  This book will help you do both!

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