Monday, February 7, 2011

God First, Even Before Football

Wasn't the Super Bowl great!? Most of us were glad that the Packers won. We only have one Steelers fan in the house. He handled the loss quite well. We made it home just before kickoff, and I mean just before kickoff. We drove in the driveway at 6:16 pm.

It ended up being a really crazy day. We'd arrived in Anderson, SC at 1 am. The boys and I were exhausted from the previous few days and the driving. When I tried to wake them at 8 in the morning, they didn't budge! Later, the Packers fan and the Steelers fan started complaining about having to go to the 4pm Mass in Salisbury! Oh MY! Joseph asked, "Can't we get an annulment from Mass?" He'd overheard his aunts talking about annulments a few days earlier and apparently was a bit confused! The Packers fan had an attitude all day long.

God has a sense of humor, though. The homily at the 4pm Mass was absolutely great. The Deacon told a story about a time when Vince Lombardi was on the way to a coach camp and made the car turn around when he found out the priest wasn't going to be at the players camp to offer daily Mass. Vince Lombardi, it was said, tried to go to daily Mass. The looks on my boys' faces was priceless. After Mass, I thanked the Deacon for the wonderful homily and explained about the grief my oldest son had given me the entire day. My youngest son had changed his attitude when I explained that maybe the winner was decided by the number of fans who go to Mass with a good attitude.

We can't make football into a god by putting football before going to Mass!

Still Friends, even after the Loss.....

After the Packers Won the game

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