Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mama's Mission of the Month

I'm doing well with Christie's November Challenge and I'm making headway on the other tasks I placed on my Mama's Mission list this month.  I find making it to daily Mass is so rewarding, but it is SO hard to get to Daily Mass when I've been up at night.  I made it once last week, but haven't gone this week. Tomorrow, I hope to get there.  It is my goal for Friday morning.

My youngest  has had a bad Mito week so far.  Back pain woke him up and kept him up for a while one night, another night it was eye pain and last night he was having unusual symptoms of feeling weak and dizzy (along with stomach pain).   Dear God, he's not my dizzy one!  He has had a few bouts of dizziness in the past, but nothing like his older brother.  That is supposed to be Sean's symptom and not his!  ~laughter~ He seems better this morning, thankfully. I am offering many prayers of thanksgiving because of the Neurontin's effects on Joseph's pain.  Here is a picture we took yesterday at the YMCA.  Joseph playing racquetball. Something he had to stop because the foot, ankle, back and leg pain were too much.  So, while he's had some bad nights, I am thankful for the good days.

Racquetball brought to you by Neurontin

What's up with the late night pain?  I wish I could remember everything from all of the Mito sessions I have gone to.  He does seem better most mornings-- unless he is having one of his "I'm going to vomit" days. In the scheme of things, our kids are really mildly affected by Mitochondrial Disease.  Today, I am remembering in prayer all the Mito kids who are in the hospital right now.  Hope to go visit one of our friends today.  Muffins are in the oven!

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