Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Year, Another Few Surgeries and Procedures

I've been horrible about blogging here. I really thought that Romney would win the election and I could stop my political ranting on my Catholic Tea Party Hippie Blog. Things have gotten so much worse, we are closer to financial ruin..... we are still fighting. We knew this would happen if Romney got in, but felt like we'd see the light at the end of the tunnel if he won. We could mount up debt this year and hopefully recover in subsequent years.

Now we are out of credit and can't afford the $495 copay for a medication that protects my son's kidneys. We found out a few weeks ago that the hydronephrosis is worse and that he has a rather large cyst on his right kidney, too. Some splitting of the renal pelvis (like I know what that means-- just an effect of the hydronephrosis.

They boys will have their bone marrow biopsies in June. While we are in Cincy, we are adding on a urology visit and some extra testing. We will also see a hip specialist, as last week we saw an ortho for Js lifelong hip pain who thinks his x-ray is abnormal and referred us to a hip specialist.

M has completed all of Seton's work and will officially graduate next month. One down, 2 more to go! He leaves for Belmont Abbey in the fall.

I'm just somewhere in the middle wondering what God is thinking. 4 surgical procedures in a year... wow. Please no more surgeries, Lord. I know He will provide and that He has a reason for all of this.

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