Monday, February 10, 2014

3 Antibiotics at a Time

Having immune compromised kids means we battle infections. All the time. 

J started antibiotics 10 days ago for a sinus infection. 4 days in, he developed a skin infection in spite of the fact the antibiotic he was on covered most skin infections. We added a second antibiotic last week. 

His neutropenia and neutrophil chemotaxis issues cause dental problems. Because a medication he takes for his neurogenic bladder adds to the dental problems, we have to bring him every three months. Because he is immune compromised, he has to take antibiotics before dental cleanings or procedures. Because the two he was already on don't cover dental work, he took a third one this morning. 

Here's what his toe looked like while already on an antibiotic. No entry wound found and keep in mind he's had four surgical procedures on his great toes so there's no ingrown toenail.