Cards for a Cure

I make Cards for a Cure to raise awareness of the two rare diseases my boys have. Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome (SDS) and Mitochondrial Disease (Mito) both need research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.  Unfortunately, either disease has a cure.  I stamp all the cards I make with "Cards for a Cure" and include a link to my blog, in hopes that people will be interested enough to visit and learn about these two diseases.

Currently, the only treatment available for Mito is a Mito Cocktail, which is composed of high doses of vitamin supplements that aid mitochondria function and energy production. SDS patients often develop leukemia and require a bone marrow transplant.  More research in this area is needed because 50% of the SDS patients who go to transplant die. 

If you found this page, you may have received one of my cards. I donate quite a few cards, but when they are sold,  portion of the proceeds for each Card for a Cure goes to Shwachman-Diamond America to help fund Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome research and education projects,  The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine to fund research for a cure, or to United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. The folks who purchase my cards choose which organization they support when cards are purchased.  To purchase Cards for a Cure send me an email. I don't sell many cards at all... but it is my hope I've at least raised awareness!

I also make special Cards for a Cure to help support Breast Cancer Research (Breast Cancer Foundation of the Triad which does not give money to Planned Parenthood like Susan Koman Foundation) and fundraising efforts for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.  If you are doing a fundraiser and would like cards to be donated, send me an email! My boys have quite a few issues, so we have supported many organizations over the years.

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