My Family

My Husband
God has blessed me with a wonderful family. My husband, Chris, and I have been married for 19 years.
Matthew with Bolt, the Dash mascot

I am very proud of my oldest son, Matthew. My youngest son summed it up when he told our priest during his confirmation interview, "I chose Matthew to be my sponsor because he inspires me in my Catholic faith and the pro-life movement." Matthew is not only an inspiration to me, but to many others -- people all around him, including people he doesn't even know. Over three and a half years ago, he started a local teen pro-life group, Triad Students for Life. This group has taken off! In January 2010, they raised enough money to attend the Raleigh March for Life and Prayer Breakfast. In 2011, they raised enough money to rent a bus to take 50 people to the March for Life in Washington, DC. Several members of the group went to Washington, DC for the 2012 March for Life, too.  Matthew won the Hero for Life Award in 2010. The award comes with a 2K college scholarship and is given in recognition of outstanding leadership and service to promote and defend the sanctity of human life. His passion is the pro-life movement, as you can see. His group plans monthly life chains, meetings and fun activities for local teens. They also host speakers and Mathew even planned a teen pro-life retreat this past year. He is currently serving on the board of directors of Room at the Inn of the Carolinas (a volunteer position). Room at the Inn of the Carolinas gives single pregnant moms shelter and helps them with college during their pregnancy and after the birth of their children. It is a great charity. He was chosen to be the Students for Life of North Carolina High School Outreach Coordinator, too.

Matthew also represented our parish on the Diocesan Youth Advisory Council (DYAC) in the 2010-2011 session. The DYAC plans the yearly Diocesan youth retreat. Did I mention that he also plays varsity football? OH..... and he works as a bat boy for our local minor league baseball team, the Winston-Salem Dash. He also works at our local Food Lion.  Matthew is a wonderful and very busy boy!

Matthew about to make a tackle in football.
Sean with Fr. Paul and Bishop Jugis
Sean is our quiet one! I am very proud of Sean, just as I am proud of all my boys. Sean excels in his academic studies and his piano competitions. The last several years, Sean has competed at the UNCG district piano competition and received a superior rating, which enabled him to advance to the NCMTA State competition. He has even received a superior at the state level, enabling him to perform at the State Superiors Honors Recital, as well. Sean was confirmed in 2010.  Sean enjoys playing baseball and football. He saves up his money to buy lessons at the NC Baseball Academy, too.Sean LOVES to go to the firing range with us. He is an excellent shot.This year, he has been playing on the FHE Hawks high school team.  He's been pitching and playing first base.  He also plays a little outfield. 
Sean playing first base

Fr. Paul, Joseph, Bishop Curlin and Matthew on Joseph's confirmation day.
Joseph, our youngest, already has his first job. He takes care of our neighbor's dog during his lunch break each day. He is active in the Triad Students for Life group and wants to take after his older brother, Matthew. Joseph loves tackle football and had an excellent season with the Greensboro Panthers last year.  He loves to write short stories and loves serving at church. Joseph was confirmed in 2011.  We are so proud of him. He is looking forward to the DYC this year and playing flag football this spring. 

We also have a bunny named Henry, a cat named Valentine and a new rescue kitty named Cupid.  Henry died just a few days before Christmas in 2011.    Henry was a very special rabbit-- we think he was the best rabbit in the world.  He had a wonderful disposition and even gives bunny kisses. Cupid really missed him, too.  We were blessed to have Henry in our lives-- he has brought much love and laughter into our house!  Valentine is a cat that showed up at our door one day and never left.  We searched for her owners and finally brought her to the vet.  The boys named her Valentine because her first vet visit was on St. Valentine's Day and it is the day she officially became our cat.Cupid is just stupid cute.  She is the sweetest cat we've ever met!

Henry Christmas 2010

Our family life centers around Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith. We are not perfect by any sense of the imagination, but we are hopefully well grounded in Christ. It is through our faith that we approach the world around us and cope with the struggles of daily life. It is my sincere hope that those who visit this website and read the articles I write can find encouragement and hope.

Joseph with Valentine

White water rafting in Colorado 2011

Sean playing first 2012
Sean batting 2012
Sean at the UNCG Piano Competition

Sean (#61 middle Panther on the left) going to get the Crusader with the ball