Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rally Planning

Things seem to be going smoothly with the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Winston-Salem.  I love exercising my first amendment rights and even got a little second amendment practice in before baseball yesterday!  Each day during Lent, I am trying to contact at least 2 or 3 people to tel them about the rally.  Even people I'm not sure would support the rally. 

Please check out our ad on the Winston-Salem Journal website here.  I'd really be glad if you liked it, too!  (The FB tab pops up on the right)

The Hillsdale College Constitution 101 class is amazing.  The boys watched the lecture on The Declaration of Independence with me this morning. It was great. They even paid attention enough to pass the on-line quiz. 

Day three of antibiotics and soaking have made a difference on J's toe.  Life is good and we have no plans today.  M works and I'm going to run to get supplies for the sign making TSFL meeting Friday. Join us if you are able!  We'd love to have you!  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the U.S. Constitution - Hillsdale College

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the U.S. Constitution - Hillsdale College

Free 10 week class on the Constitution. I'm on week 2. Enjoy!

Pope’s Twitter followers jump 400 percent in a day :: EWTN News

Pope’s Twitter followers jump 400 percent in a day :: EWTN News

Just awesome. The Pope is reaching the world via tweets! I'm so glad that he is using social media to spread the good news of Jesus Christ!

Cardinal Dolan joins letter against mandate 'accommodation' :: EWTN News

Cardinal Dolan joins letter against mandate 'accommodation' :: EWTN News

"The Becket Fund, which released the letter and is fighting the mandate in court, said the letter is “an unprecedented coming together of people to defend religious liberty and the rights of conscience against a deeply misguided and unjust governmental action.”

Monday, February 27, 2012


I had a great weekend away at a retreat.  When I left on Friday, J's toe looked perfectly fine, the infection had stayed away since he stopped antibiotics on Wednesday.  He continued to soak it over the weekend, but by last night, it was worse than before.  The ped told me this morning that she felt it looked worse than when it first became infected.  Joy.  So, she drained it, cultured it again and started him on another 10 days of antibiotics.  We'll go for a procedure at the podiatrist next week.  Even though his toenail wasn't ingrown, this might help keep him from getting cuts and scrapes that get infected.  She sent a message to the immunologist to ask about restarting IgG.  He's been on antibiotics 8 times in just over 5 months.  J was worried that meant going to the hospital,but we assured him, if we restart, it would be SCIG at home.   I forgot he'd been on abx so many times recently.

The retreat focused on finding rest in God.  It really was appropriate for my life.  I'm hoping that the rest of the week is free from doctors! I'm still feeling refreshed from the retreat. God is good. I really needed the break.  We'll be busy with baseball, piano and getting ready for the sign making event at our house on Friday. The Forsyth County Republican Convention on Saturday.    So far, I've been doing well with my Lenten goal of contacting 2-3 new people about the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Winston-Salem, NC.   If you live in the area and are reading this, please join us!

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally Winston-Salem, NC

I just uploaded a second flyer that can be accessed and downloaded here:
The original flyer can be downloaded here:
Please help spread the word! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cards for A Cure

I made these cards recently. The first is for a friend who wanted a card to send to an Army Sgt overseas.  The second is just one I had fun making with some free paper I got a few weeks ago.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Radio Interview

I was contacted to do a radio interview about the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally and the HHS mandate! We're working on scheduling a day I can go into the studio to record for 20-30 minutes. I want everyone to pray!

I am very passionate about America and our freedoms. I'm very upset about the HHS Mandate because it is a direct attack on religious liberty. I hope that I am able to articulate my points during the interview.

I am very excited about the wonderful response I've had from the people I've been contacting about the rally. Please join our page on Facebook: Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally Winston-Salem, NC

We are at a crossroads in America today. We can choose to get back to Constitutional principles or accept these attack on our liberties and throw the Constitution away. If we cave on this HHS mandate, the Constitution is gone.

Obamacare Cartoon

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Awesome HHS Mandate Homily

President Obama, let us be Catholics! Amen. This priest details everything you need to know about the HHS mandate and its history. His homily will give you goosebumps and chills.

Contraception mandate should concern all Americans, Cardinal says :: EWTN News

Contraception mandate should concern all Americans, Cardinal says :: EWTN News

"The federal contraception mandate should be of “grave concern” to all Americans and not just Catholics, says Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
Cardinal DiNardo, who heads the U.S. Bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, said that the new mandate and its “compromise” will force Catholic institutions to either abandon their mission of serving people regardless of their faith or violate basic teachings of the Catholic Church on birth control and abortion.
“To be coerced by the federal government into choosing one of these options is wrong,” Cardinal DiNado said in a Feb. 17 column for the Houston Chronicle."

Ash Wednesday

One of my goals for the Lenten season is to get as many people to the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Winston-Salem, NC. I believe that it is very important for all of us to stand up for religious freedom and the first amendment! The HHS mandate is unconstitutional and we must stand up against this attack on religious liberty. It may sound like a strange Lenten sacrifice-- to spend extra time getting people to protest the government.

The left is trying to say that this is about women's rights. No, it isn't. It is about forcing the Catholic Church to pay for birth control and abortion drugs. If the Obama administration can win this one, then our Constitution is gone and he will have successfully transformed America, just as he said he would do. We on the right called it. I was on Fox & Friends in August 2010 and I talked about government approved insurance meaning the government tells us what is and is not covered. See the interview here. I was also on Neil Cavuto and that interview can be seen here.

I've posted links to all of the free contraception and sterilization sites to prove a point: this is not about women's rights or access to birth control. WalMart and Target sell birth control for $9 a month. Clinics give it away for free and there is the county health department, too. Women have access to birth control. The Catholic Church isn't telling doctors to stop writing prescriptions for the pill. The Catholic Church isn't telling pharmacies they can't dispense the pill. Women have access to the free clinics. This is about religious freedom. This is about the government mandating things it has no right to mandate. The right saw it coming, heck, I'm even on record saying this was going to happen. We didn't know how the Obama administration would do it, or what would be the first instance, but we said that the government would begin mandating and that WE THE PEOPLE would have no recourse.  We can't fire Kathleen Sebelius, can we?  These are the unelected officials I speak of in my interviews and my confrontation with Kay Hagan. 

I've shared with you many times that we have high cost medications for my boys. Some not covered by insurance (portions of the mito cocktail). A life-saving medication that protects my son's kidneys from damage costs us $343 for a three month supply (we use mail order to save money). I want readers to ponder something: should I have to pay increased premiums and deductibles again because of Obamacare's mandate for free birth control to all women? The money had to come from somewhere-- Should the government force insurance companies to give medications for free? They will cost shift-- and life saving medications will cost us more to make up the difference. We've already had the largest jump in premiums, deductibles and out of pocket maximums in 6 years! Our deductibles and OOPs stayed the same for 4 years.  After Obamacare was passed, they went up the first year.  This second year, our premiums went up, our deductible went up from $250 to $650 and our OOPs are up dramatically.  It is directly correlated to Obamacare.

Obama's compromise was not a compromise. Practicing Catholics like me, should not have the money we put into the collection plate at Mass going to pay for things we believe are morally wrong. Not one penny of our money should go toward this! After all, the Church runs on the donations, right? Even if a number of the people use birth control and disagree with Church teachings, they give knowing what those teachings are. The Church doesn't do a birth control check before you enter and all the women are free to go out and use contraception. The Church won't pay for it. The Church teaches that it is wrong.

Whether the government tells the Church it has to buy insurance that covers birth control and abortion drugs or the government tells insurance companies they all have to cover these things and then tells the Church they must buy that insurance, the Catholic Church is paying for birth control coverage.  Obama can sugar coat it, change a few nouns and change a few vowels on his teleprompter, but it is the same mandate.  We are not stupid, Mr. Obama.

I'm making it my job this Lent to get people out to the rally. If our Church caves, who is going to be next? The Baptists? Methodists? It will be something. It will be someone. Funny thing is that Obama said if we liked the healthcare plan we had now, we could keep it..... they all lied when we pointed out this open ended piece of legislation would bring about these government mandates and WE THE PEOPLE would have no recourse to fire these unelected officials. Ultimately, Obamacare needs to be repealed. Remember when I told Kay Hagan that this would happen? That unelected officials would change our healthcare and we would have no recourse to fire them?

I linked this post to Catholic Icing for the first time. Check the blog out!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Learning to Protest

Last week, I saw a tweet from Father Frank Pavone about the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallies across the US. I noticed there wasn't one in Winston-Salem, so I contacted the main group, and voila, became one of the coordinators. I called the police department about getting a permit and it was pretty easy. We received permission to gather along the sidewalks to protest. The police sergeant said that we couldn't protest on federal property, and it sounded odd. What do I know about protesting? I'm not a professional.

Luckily, the Pro-Life Action League responded when I asked a question. Federal property is the most protected property for Americans to protest on. I looked up some info this afternoon and it seems that we can protest on federal property-- we may need to get permission or a permit. Here's hoping it goes smoothly. We need prayers. I am going to work on this tomorrow.

I do have a question.... when one Googles "Do I need a permit to protest on Federal Property" why are the sites all democrat sites? For instance has a lot of information on protesting rights. The GA ACLU does, too.

I'll be blogging about my setting up the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally here in Winston-Salem. Come along for the ride!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally Winston-Salem, NC

Join our Facebook Page: Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally Winston-Salem, NC

Talked to the Sgt in charge of permits today and we will receive our permit next week! Come join us on March 23, 2012.  We can protest on the sidewalks outside the Federal Building at 251 North Main St, Winston-Salem, NC  -- protest starts at noon. Protest along the sidewalks on Second Street and North Main outside the building. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

UPDATED: Catholic priest, pro-life activists arrested outside White House protesting Obama mandate |

UPDATED: Catholic priest, pro-life activists arrested outside White House protesting Obama mandate |

Let's just squash the entire first amendment. Way to go King George II, I mean, Obama.

Poor Barack Doesn't Understand

Thomas Jefferson on Conscience Rights

This sign should hang in every American home.

If it's not OK for him to take steroids... why is it OK for her?

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute brochure

"The dangerous performance enhancing

steroids taken by athletes are

male steroid hormonal drugs

that build muscle.

One of their risks is liver cancer.

Similarly, female steroid hormonal drugs

build breast tissue.

They not only increase the risk

of liver cancer but breast and cervical

cancers as well.These powerful

steroid drugs are taken by millions

of teenage girls as BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Why are teenage girls vulnerable to the cancer-causing effects of birth control pills? Teenagers are especially vulnerable to breast cancer risk because their breasts are growing and most have not yet developed cancer-resistant Type 3 lobules through a full-term pregnancy. Therefore, the cancer-causing combination contraceptive steroids (birth control pills) are especially dangerous for them."

Read more and see diagrams and explanations at the link above. 

Free Birth Control

Let's stop pretending that this HHS mandate is about women's rights.  All over the United Sates of America, women can get free birth control and have free sterilization procedures done. This HHS mandate is not about women having access to free birth control. It is about Obama controlling the church. Free birth control is readily available. 

Here are several links where women can get free birth control, and sterilizations-- one site even targets teens! Unconscionable.

Free Birth Control, STI Testing & Exams

Through the Family Planning Benefit Program, residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York State won't pay anything for birth control. No co-payments, monthly payments or deductibles. 

TEENS: Take Charge with FREE Birth Control

FREE Family Planning Services
FREE Prescriptions for Birth Control
FREE Sterilization
Under the state-funded program called "TAKE CHARGE" women and men in Washington State can receive free birth control. Do YOU know someone living in Washington State who could use free birth control? Do YOU know someone who wants to learn what birth control method might work best for them? and get it for FREE.

GIROUX: Killer compromise - Washington Times

GIROUX: Killer compromise - Washington Times

This article shares statistics from a Mayo Clinic study that points out that birth control pills are bad for you and increase your risk of certain cancers. I've got more links that I will share later. I hope people think twice before they ingest these toxic pills.

  • Since 1975, there has been a 400 percent increase in breast cancer among pre-menopausal women. This mirrors the increased use of birth control over these same years.
  • A Mayo Clinic study confirms that any girl or woman who is on hormonal birth control for four years prior to her first full-term pregnancy increases her breast cancer risk by 52 percent.
  • Women who use hormonal birth control for more than five years are four times more likely to develop cervical cancer. "

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Hope you all have a wonderful St. Valentine's Day! We made GF cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries.  J's toe is looking better, we go to the podiatrist on Thursday. We dissected more of out pigs and had a really good day today. I couldn't resist sharing this Valentine.


Sean practicing one of the pieces for his upcoming competitions. Still needs a little work, but he is doing well.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pig Dissection

We're starting our pig dissection.  It is very exciting!  We bought our pigs from Carolina Biological  The pigs were not raised for this purpose-- they are a product or the pork industry and were stillborn.  If they weren't preserved for scientific use, they would have been thrown away.

Joseph's quote of the day:  "If these pigs would have lived, they would have ended up as bacon.  mom, where did they come from?"  Me: "We bought them from a place in Burlington, North Carolina."  Joseph: "Oh, then they would have become barbeque then."   

Here are a few pictures from today.  We just went over basic anatomy and then opened them up.  We'll go through the organ systems in upcoming days. 

Happy Birthday to my 18 Year Old

M is 18 today.  He survived all of his non-life threatening, self inflicted personal injuries.   There were days that I doubted he'd make it to 18-- those days he would have his brothers video tape him doing some boyhood stunt.  We are proud of the young man he has become.  With God's grace, he is an amazing young man.  I am proud that he is active in our church and that he is also very active in the pro-life movement.  So very proud that he not only prays for the unborn, he puts his prayers into action by defending and promoting life.  I look forward to seeing what God has in store for this young man.

We made it through last week.  J was sick through Friday.  He started perking up Friday evening, as did S.  Saturday, S went to baseball practice after eating a decent lunch and staying hydrated with various forms of Gatorade (pre-during-after), but still ended up with an exercise headache. Dreaded Mito! So far (saying many prayers) no one else has come down with the dreaded vomiting virus. The ped said she thought it was norovirus. Awful stuff!

Yesterday, J came to me with another infected toe, so it is off to the doctor today. 

Baseball season is IN..... we'll drive an hour to practice and hope to be home by 8:30 tonight.  It is the price to pay to play on a wonderful, Christian team.  We are looking forward to another wonderful season.

Conservatives Unite in Opposing Obama’s Assault on Religious Liberty |

Conservatives Unite in Opposing Obama’s Assault on Religious Liberty |

Thank you, Mr. President, for uniting us like none of the candidates have been able to do so far. Thank you very much. Smart move.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New Bill of Rights

Priests for Life Sue Obama Administration

Father Frank Pavone rejected the Obama Administration's revised mandate (aka compromise) and Priests for Life is suing the Obama Administration.

What the left fails to understand is that Obama's compromise changed nothing.  The Catholic Church is still expected to purchase insurance that covers birth control and abortion drugs. The president thinks Catholics are stupid. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama using state coercion against religious, Rep. Smith charges :: EWTN News

Obama using state coercion against religious, Rep. Smith charges :: EWTN News

Exactly. His Majesty King George III, um, I mean Barrack Hussein Obama is forcing us all to follow his morals and thus he is imposing the "Church of Obama" upon our entire nation.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

EWTN sues US government over contraception mandate :: EWTN News

EWTN sues US government over contraception mandate :: EWTN News

This makes me very happy. I hope other Catholic charities and institutions follow suit. We need to sue the BHO regime. I'm already praying for a big win. No matter how you slice it or dice it, the HHS mandate is a violation of the First Amendment. Go EWTN!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catholic Bloggers Network

I am now a new contributor to the new Catholic Bloggers Network.  If you haven't had a chance to visit, please do.  A group of Catholic bloggers from all walks of life are contributing and participating in this endeavor.  

It is really a neat concept there are weekly round ups, content shares, an online Facebook community, a Blog Academy where you can learn neat tips and even a place to link up items you are selling in the Catholic Shoppe.  

Here is the mission of the group:
In acknowledgment of the Vatican's strong interest to embrace social media for evangelization, this Catholic Bloggers Network was created to enhance communication of Catholic social media users. Here Catholic bloggers can connect and share efforts to bring the Catholic faith into the social media discourse. By creating this webpage directory of Catholic bloggers and connecting the online portals they use, our Catholic community grows larger. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Judge Shows Sympathy for the Devil

Judge Shows Sympathy for the Devil

I bet if the teacher had worn a cross to school or brought a Bible, she would not have received sympathy. Like this article says, what would have happened if she told the children they were God's little angels? She'd of been fired. I find it funny that tolerance means putting up with witches/wicca, satan worshipers, ANYTHING that is not Christian. If a child wears a shirt with a communist dictator on the front, they are expressing themselves.... if they where Jesus or a Christian symbol, they are expelled.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Puke, Pokies and Pigs

Sometimes, life revolves around bodily fluids.  I hate to admit how much this is true in our lives.  J had a bad stomach ache last night, couldn't describe the pain, so I sent him to bed.  He and S have bad stomach aches a lot. It's been life since they were born, so we really think nothing of it.  He woke up throwing up just after midnight.  From the top bunk. His older brother narrowly escaped from bottom bunk, he got out of the way  in a flash.  I've never seen S get out of bed that quickly before.  It's been a long day.  He threw up 30 plus times and had a slight fever by morning.  This afternoon it is almost 103 and seeming to climb.  The one pokie went well. 

The Mito cocktail is not pleasant going in and it is worse coming out....and it turns everything bright orange.  The dead fish pills (L-carnitine - we call them dead fish pills because they smell like dead fish) and the riboflavin--- I cannot even begin to tell you.  Mito moms will know what I am talking about. He was throwing up until 3 am and we were also cleaning carpet.  Love the Little Green Machine.  He woke up again a few times between 3 and 6 and has been okay since then.  Except for the high fever that started this afternoon.

I've scrubbed with bleach and Lysol.  Went over it again with antibacterial cleaner..... I'm a bit on the OCD side when it comes to vomiting viruses.  They scare me.

In other news, our pigs arrived, but we didn't show them to J.  Figured a pukey day wasn't the right day to do that! I'm excited about dissecting the pigs with the boys. We bought these from Carolina Biological. They are not raised for dissection-- they preserve pigs who were stillborn who would be thrown out in the trash. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Card

Nothing better than crafting while watching football!  Glad the Giants won. I'm not a Pats fan at all!  I made this card as I watched. Flowers go with the Super Bowl, right?

KOM Sketch Challenge

I had fun making this "Happy Thoughts" card for the KOM challenge at Unity:

LIFE is Beautiful

Life really is beautiful.  While Sean is still sick, his fever did not get as high last night and his energy level seems to be better.  The pediatrician called again today as we were headed home from Mass.  Today's Mass was beautiful.  All Masses are beautiful, of course, but some more than others.  We decided to go to a different church for Mass and the difference was amazing!  We sat toward the front and there were several large families with babies and small little ones right in  front.  A cute couple with a baby about six months old sat two pews in front of us and a mom with her two toddler boys was directly in front of us.  Very different than oru current parish where children have been banished to the "training room" -- sure, they are welcome, welcome to sit in the training room our of site and ear shot. It was simply beautiful to see these families celebrating Mass. I actually giggled when the mom in front of us took her two boys out before Mass began.  One of them was giving her a bit of [quiet] trouble.  He came back in and behaved quite well during Mass. 

We heard babbling coming from the back of the church every now and again, the Mass wasn't paused and it was a joyful celebration. The best part was seeing all the babies coming up at Holy Communion!  There were at least 20 babies!  WOW! We've been lucky to have two or three in attendance at Mass at our parish lately (that I see).  I think we've run them away.  We know of 5 homeschooling families who have left our parish and several families we used to see are MIA. 

It felt wonderful to be at Mass with all families and children being welcome.  Not just welcome to stay in a closed room in the back.  Life IS beautiful and babies are a beautiful reminder of that very thing.  Their coos and babbles are special prayers to God, I am sure.  Afterward, we had the blessing of throats (St. Blaise's feast day was Friday)   A great start to Super Bowl Sunday!

Unity New Beginnings Challenge

I wasn't sure where I would go with this "New Beginnings" challenge.  I went with a spring I love you theme.  This is from last month's extra set. In real life, it isn't curved -- I obviously need work at taking photos!

Mito Awareness

Threw this together:

The stamp "Hope for a Cure" is only a few dollars from Ippity. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

First They Came for the Catholics

Gotta love this article; First they Came for the Catholics.

"As always, tolerance is a one-way street in the Age of Obama. “Choice” is in the eye (and iron fist) of the First Amendment usurper."

Carney came out and said the Obama Administration didn't see any Constitutional issues with the HHS mandate. He had to read from his notes. I think that means he wasn't sure if it was Constitutional or not.  What a joke.

Shocking: The White House Lies on Its Blog

Not really shocking that the BHO administration would lie on its blog about the HHS mandate.  I am proud that the USCCB is taking Obama and gang to task.    They point out the lies right here  The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.

Woman Needs Bone Marrow Match

Mississauga Article: Woman needs life-saving match

This story hits close to home knowing Joseph doesn't have a match in the registry. To learn more about how you can become a bone marrow donor, visit

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America - Record of Protest Against the Infringement of Religious Liberty by HHS

Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America - Record of Protest Against the Infringement of Religious Liberty by HHS

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, which is comprised of the 65 canonical Orthodox bishops in the United States, Canada and Mexico, join their voices with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and all those who adamantly protest the recent decision by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and call upon all the Orthodox Christian faithful to contact their elected representatives today to voice their concern in the face of this threat to the sanctity of the Church’s conscience.

Shwachman-Diamond America Approves Additional Funding for the SDS registry

The SDA board recently approved $7,000 of additional funding for the North American SDS registry.  We received info on the registry and have paraphrased it below. For more information or complete details, please contact SDA.

The registry has identified more than 80 patients for the SDSR and has signed consent for more than 70, with data extraction and data entry in progress. 

SDS registry projects for the upcoming year:

1) Continuing efforst to obtain medical records from enrolled patients.

2) Analyzing the data available thus far to define the clinical spectrum of presentation. The goal of the project is to improve diagnosis.

3) Analyzing the family history of patients with SDS to determine the clinical significance, if any, of being a carrier for the SBDS gene mutations.

4) Investigating the clinical spectrum and medical course of patients presenting with "clinically defined" SDS but who lack SBDS gene mutations. Also conducting studies to determine the pathophysiologic basis of disease in these patients.

Of note, these projects depend on increasing patient accrual over the coming year.

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on what SDA has been doing.

Pattie Curran
President, SDA

I Am a Tomboy

Imagine my shock when my boys told me I was a tomboy!  I protested. Then they reminded me, "Mom, you were in the Army."   Oh, yeah, I see your point.  This conversation began because I was telling them how excited I am that our pigs will be arriving soon.  I love dissection!

I have such fond memories of dissecting things in high school. I was fortunate to have biology I and Biology II (Medical Life Science).  Through these courses, we dissected a worm, a fetal pig, a cat, a dog (it had been put to sleep and donated to the class) and a fetal horse.  In college, we also dissected things and one of the experiments I remember most was done on a live turtle-- we poured digitalis and caffeine on his heart and recorded the effects. What's not exciting about these things?  Matthew thinks he can use the "It will take me from my REAL school work" line to get out of participating in dissection. It won't work!

The boys think only tomboys like to dissect things.  I disagree.  I'm only PART tomboy.  I balance it with all my cooking, baking and gardening, right?  I wear skirts to Mass.  I don't wear make-up often at all and I think that goes with embracing my natural feminine side.

Creative Minority Report: This Video Will Make Your Catholic Blood Boil

Creative Minority Report: This Video Will Make Your Catholic Blood Boil

See the BHO administration defend its decision to force the Catholic Church to cover contraception and abortion drugs in the HHS mandate.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Komen Still Doesn't Acknowledge Abortion-Breast Cancer Link |

Komen Still Doesn't Acknowledge Abortion-Breast Cancer Link |

Been saying this all morning! SGK cut funding to PP because PP is under federal investigation. It still doesn't admit the ABC link. A woman who has an abortion before her first fill term pregnancy increases her risk of breast cancer by 50-90% depending on family history. For statistics and medical articles about the ABC link, see the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute.

World of Coke and Pokes

After poking 4 times, she called in another nurse
The week before last--searching for another spot
We don't always do fun things on our medical trips.  This last one, we decided to visit the World of Coke afterward. testing and GA Tech tour. We decided to visit the Coke museum partly because we'd had two weeks of medical "pokies" before and ended up with more! I caved!   Sure, they are just needle sticks, but when you are a kid like Joseph who never gets a line in or blood drawn on the first poke, life can seem a bit unfair.  We had several four and five pokie days.  I still call them pokies.  When Joseph was little, that is what he called them and the name stuck. We try to tell the people drawing blood, but they never believe us.  These ladies told Joseph that he was going to leak when he drank something on this particular day (above).

Sean is an easy stick. Got him the first try.

The lobby of one medical plaza in Atlanta had some great art work.  After our visit, Joseph and I stared at the blown glass art for quite a while. I actually laughed when I realized we'd been having a conversation about the art....that doesn't happen with a 14 year old very often....conversations about art.

The pokies were not fun.  I tried to tell the ladies in Atlanta, but was told she could get blood from a turnip.  I believe she was humbled by the 4th stick.   The glass art shown here is amazing-- we tried to see if we could find any sort of pattern in the rainbow piece.   Do you see a pattern?    The pear is the most unique lighting fixture I have ever seen.  It was fun to look at.  

First try

Second try

Third try

Between tries

He looks a bit like Darth Vader during this CPET testing

At the Varsity eating lunch--super cheap prices!
my favorite art at the World of Coke--love this mixed media work
4th attempt and success


Got Sean on the first stick