Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am a Tomboy

Imagine my shock when my boys told me I was a tomboy!  I protested. Then they reminded me, "Mom, you were in the Army."   Oh, yeah, I see your point.  This conversation began because I was telling them how excited I am that our pigs will be arriving soon.  I love dissection!

I have such fond memories of dissecting things in high school. I was fortunate to have biology I and Biology II (Medical Life Science).  Through these courses, we dissected a worm, a fetal pig, a cat, a dog (it had been put to sleep and donated to the class) and a fetal horse.  In college, we also dissected things and one of the experiments I remember most was done on a live turtle-- we poured digitalis and caffeine on his heart and recorded the effects. What's not exciting about these things?  Matthew thinks he can use the "It will take me from my REAL school work" line to get out of participating in dissection. It won't work!

The boys think only tomboys like to dissect things.  I disagree.  I'm only PART tomboy.  I balance it with all my cooking, baking and gardening, right?  I wear skirts to Mass.  I don't wear make-up often at all and I think that goes with embracing my natural feminine side.

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