Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iConfess App

I was reading an article in The Daily about the iConfess App for the iPhone.  It is very interesting.  Some of the comments were a bit crazy, but that is to be expected, right?  Not everyone understands the value of examining one's conscience. To read a web version of the article in The Daily (an app for the iPad - a tablet-based original news publication), use this link:

We've had books on examination of conscience and pamphlets, why not bring it to the iPhone and iTouch? You still have to go to confession with a priest, but this certainly helps with examination of conscience!

We downloaded The Daily App for the iPad and have a free two week trial.  So far, we like it!  I'm reading a story continued from yesterday on a US Army Soldier who is the most wounded soldier ever to go back into combat.

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