Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lenten Blog Giveawy

Lent starts tomorrow and I want to hear what Lenten traditions other families have!  Every person making a comment sharing a Lenten tradition in their family will be entered into the drawing.  The contest ends the first Sunday of Lent and the prize will be shipped shortly thereafter.  The prize can only be shipped in the United States or Canada (Military addresses included).  The winner will be notified via email.

I might incorporate a new tradition into Lent this year!  I can't wait!

This is a picture of the prize:



Lisa said...

Hi Pattie! What an awesome idea! The stamps look great. :-)

While not actually a "Lent" tradition, since Lent has not officially started, every year on the day before Ash Wednesday, we make a big meal and dessert. The kids especially love all of the baking, which we are about to start right now, in fact! :-))

Lenten traditions in our family include doing the "Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure" daily activities and prayers. There are events at Church in which we participate, such as Stations, Penance Services and Adoration. We also do crafts and special art projects to remind us of the season. I am going to incorporate Bible readings and meditations, as well.

This year, personally, I am doing something different. At our faith sharing group last week, someone mentioned it and I thought it a good idea. For the 40 days of Lent, you write a letter a day to someone who has made an impact in your life. I wrote my first letter today, to my elderly grandmother, who is in the hospital. I will put it in the mail tomorrow. :-)

I look forward to reading the other responses to get some other good ideas on how to make this season more meaningful for my family! God bless!

MamaNewbury said...

We put a jar out and a bag of black beans on the side. Whenever one of us sacrifices something we put a bean in the jar. Then at the end of Lent we make our families favorite Cuban black bean Soup.

Jennifer N.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I just wrote a post about it. We are using a calendar I found through a link. http://ourhomeschoolreviews.blogspot.com/2011/03/lent-2011.html

JOYfilled Family said...

my children's fav. lenten tradition is the sacrifice beans/jar.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

I posted about some of our plans here:


but we are also doing a salt dough crown of thorns. Every time someone makes a sacrifice or does something kind a toothpick or "thorn" is pulled out. Hopefully they will all be gone on Easter Sunday!

Jen said...

We are starting a Jesus tree this year and have also downloaded Lent for Children. The links are posted on my blog at www.homespunluv.blogspot.com. We are focusing on family prayer, by adding a decade of the Rosary after dinner. We are also doing simple soups and breads for Fridays, not really fasting, but keeping it low key rather than an excuse to gorge on shrimp!