Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back from Vacation

Well, we've been back over a week, but I think it takes at least that long to recover from vacation! We went straight into doctor visits and such. I'm hoping to post pictures of our adventures - a day by day journal. We had a great time trekking across the country to Colorado and New Mexico. We even visited a shrine in the first city in Colorado, St. Luis.

It was our first trip in a long time where we did not end up in the hospital somewhere! Joseph was worried about that. He had a bit of nausea, but waited until the day after we got home to start puking. I think he may have thrown up once at our campsite in Colorado.... it is his reflux, not a virus.

We were very proud that Joseph made it to the top of the Sand Dunes. He wanted to turn back a few times and it was a difficult climb for him, but he made it. Once we got to the bottom, he told us that he was glad we'd made him climb to the top... we didn't "make" him, we motivated him and let him stop to rest. We kept pouring water on his head and body (one of his medications keeps him from sweating like he should).

Soon we have bone marrow biopsies and other testing, then it is time to start a new school year.

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