Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book of Sayings

Do you have a book of sayings? I've treasured each of the cute, innocent things my kids have said over the years. I wrote them down in a book, when I have remembered.  Tonight at dinner, we pulled the book out and read through them.  It is a priceless treasure!

This one of from 2001. Sean and Joseph were having a conversation.  A 5 year old Sean asked, "Is your soul in your body? Jesus is in your heart."  A 4 year old Joseph replied, "Jesus IS in your heart except at church 'cause then He's out there until you eat Him, then He gets into your heart."

In 2002, an 8 year old Matthew in front of the White House: "Why is there a fence around the White House? Is it to keep Al Gore out?" 

A 6 year old Joseph asked on the way to IVIG, "Did God make grass so we don't step in the mud?"

10 year old Matthew on Easter Sunday, "I don't like jelly beans, but Ronald Reagan kept a big bowl of them on his desk."

8 year old Sean and an almost 7 year old Joseph were discussing whether they were Republicans or Democrats. Joseph said to Sean, "Sean, you really should be a Republican because they are nice, they want to lower taxes."

I told the boys they had to stay in the classroom while the plumber was working. 7 year old Joseph replied, "But I want to see the plumber plumb!"

A 12 year old Joseph told me, "You can't blame stuff I did on me!"

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