Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Geaux Tigers!

This is what I found when I walked past my oldest son's room this morning.  The shirts he has not washed all season long:

I wondered, for a moment, "Is he throwing them away or going to put them in the wash?"  He's worn these shirts for every game this Season and wouldn't let me wash them.  He's learned that lucky charms don't work.  Even with the defeat at the National Championship, LSU still had a great season.  13-1 is nothing to scoff at.  They were undefeated in the conference, won the SEC championship and only lost one game this season.  Like Les said in this video interview, "They accomplished a lot this season."   It hurts to go out the way they did in the last contest, but over all-- it was an amazing season, Tigers.  Les' post game interview

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