Monday, June 11, 2012

Catholic Tea Party Hippie

I've started a new blog -- it is currently under construction, but you can read a few posts I have over there. Catholic Tea Party Hippie    Hopefully by next week, I will have the perfect Catholic, hippie, patriotic theme going on!  I finally posted there about our protest when Joe Biden was in town. You can read it and see protest pictures here.

Having this blog and the other will allow me to separate my political posts and protest activities.  Though, some certainly crossover into the Catholic Homeschooling topic, too.

I hope you'll take a peek when you get a chance.  After two protests in one week, I thought having a Catholic Tea Party Hippie blog was perfect for me.  We've got a slow week here with no protests and only two doctor appointments for the boys this week.  The boys are still working on painting their bathroom, a project that seems like it will never be complete.  The toe drama seems to be over for now, so life is good.   We have a chance to recover from the two week fight against an insurance glitch... finally think we have Js catheters covered once again.

My house is recovering from a week of protests.  We had visitors over the weekend and I had warned them that the house was in post-protest distress.

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