Saturday, September 15, 2012

Faith Moving Forward

Yesterday was a hard day. Starting IGG infusions again means J really hasn't been healed as we always hope and pray. As we get back into a life of infusion pumps, sharps containers and more medical supplies, we just have to have faith and offer it all up to Him, trusting that He is with us and will use these trials for His glory. As parents, we beg God to give us the grace and strength to help J see Him in all of his trials. J is a typical teen who hates anything medical-- especially being hooked up to a pump for a few hours each week. My first prayer each day for my children is that they love God above all else. I know if they do this, everything else will fall into place. Lord, give J the grace and strength to continue to love you above all else through all of his trials. 

I keep thinking to myself today, "Faith isn't what you do when everything is going's what you do when you face trials."  It is easy to have faith when everything is just fine.

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