Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Down, Two to Go!

What a blessing it was to see my oldest graduate! There were many days we didn't think it would happen. It can be done! I was still feeling overwhelmed by God's many blessings at Mass yesterday morning. Thanks be to God, one down, two to go! We have been asked SO many times over the years, "Are you going to homeschool them through high school!?" I usually tell people if it is God's will, we will homeschool through high school. Before we ever started homeschooling, we prayed. We never stop praying! God has answered our prayers in so many amazing ways. We had doubts, but we entrusted our children to God. I do believe that our family is an example of God's grace in action. God truly, truly has made up for we are lacking. NONE of this would have ever been possible without HIS amazing grace! We believe that God will continue to pour forth His grace upon us and we will be able to see the last two walk across that stage in His time. God is so amazing! Jesus, we trust in YOU!

I was filled with joy as graduation was about to begin. God is so good! God has done amazing things! It has been an amazing journey to get here. So very blessed to have been given the gift of Matthew and to participate in his upbringing. I was overwhelmed by our blessings on graduation day. Congratulations, Matthew! As always, my prayer for you is that you love God above all else. If you do that, everything else will fall into place. Looking forward to all the wonderful things God has in store for your future.

Thursday, our pediatrician was really excited about this article she read that said homeschooling students' thought processes are different and many IVY League schools are looking for them. Seeing all these pro-life, conservative kids this past weekend was a blessing. They all stood and gave Dr. Clark a standing ovation when she gave a few remarks on common core, government funding of private Christian schools watering down the education system.... and she reminded them why they all have to write a paper on Roe v Wade- so they could be prepared to face the culture of death with ANSWERS! WOOO HOOO to all of the Seton graduates and homeschoolers everywhere! Dr. Clark also told them that we need to pray for these schools to stand up to common core and to the government take-over of education. She spoke about the assault on traditional marriage and Christian values-- and these kids stood up ON THEIR OWN to cheer her BEFORE her actual prepared speech on Hope! It gave me goosebumps knowing that these were only 120 of the over 700 Seton graduates for 2013!! GOD is GOOD! Homeschoolers really give me hope for our future!

Words cannot even begin to describe how we felt Saturday. Being around the next generation of pro-life, Catholic conservatives really warmed my heart. I know these Seton grads will not be afraid to stand up! Knowing that we were with 120 of the 700 graduates filled me with even MORE hope. Watching the graduates find each other and talk was amazing. Another girl going to Belmont Abbey found Matthew and struck up a conversation. Reading their bios in the program. Seton grads are absolutely AMAZING! Gosh - just amazing kids. GOD is Awesome.

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~Maxine~ said...

Congratulations! Of course to M, but also to you and the rest of the family! A new adventure will begin, while at the same time the old one remains in place (for J and S)... for me this was such an odd time. All that you described but odd. :)
Enjoy the triumph, keep up the good work, and tell those other two of yours to give you a break and just do the work. :)