Saturday, November 16, 2013

God's Got This

Sometimes in the midst of the insanity that is my life, I forget that God is always by my side. I know He's never left my side, though I don't always feel His presence. My youngest has another surgery on Tuesday. I'm a bit stressed- they will be cutting through a bone!

He came in while I was listening to "Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)" - he listened to the part that says, "I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of Angel Armies is always by my side..." We got to talking and I said, "I've been asking God's angels to surround and protect you during your surgery." He replied, "What if it's just one angel? Because compared to us, One Angel is an army."

Here's the song- this guy is awesome!

We've had quite a year. I suppose it is no different than the 16 years of chronic illness that came before it, but it was crazy, nonetheless. With my trips to DC, I've not had time to blog on this blog as often as I'd like. Homeschooling has been difficult this year, though we got one off to college. We've really had medical challenges this year. I've been wiped out.

S had a skin infection on his foot. 4 days after finishing the antibiotics, his other great toe became infected. Then, yesterday, the other toe again! The first infection, we could not see an entry wound. We assume something got under the nail - but the bottom of his toe was swollen and red to the point he could not walk on his foot. The second toe- the infection stems from the nail bed, but we never could see an entry wound.

We've had preop and all sorts of appointments in between. Someone stole our credit card number this week and it was the card linked to the blood product my son receives weekly- we're out and they couldn't change the card! Insane!   With surgery coming up, I've been stressed out.

I needed this song for the upcoming week...I also needed the reminder from my son that, compared to us, one angel IS an army. God be blessed!

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