Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We March for Our 20 Gifts in Heaven #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife

This year's theme for the March for Life is "Every life is a gift". This is one of the themes of our lives. 

Each and every one of the 20 children Chris and I lost was a gift. Many people over the years thought us insane for continuing to be open to life after so many losses, but we felt blessed because EVERY LIFE IS A GIFT. God already knew each of these children and yet he allowed them to be conceived - what a beautiful gift it was that He allowed them to be! Seeing their heartbeats brought us great joy and though they are not here with us on earth, we know that we will be reunited with them in heaven. 
#EveryLifeIsAGift #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife #LifeIsPrecious 

A memento from the past:

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