Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Honors Recital

The week has flown by!

We are plodding along with school. Sean and Joseph are working on The French and Indian War. Learning about it and writing a paper on it. They were able to give great oral presentations after writing their paper on various aspects of Colonial life last week. We need to get a few books on the French and Indian War. Surprisingly enough, I do not have much on the topic lining our home bookshelves. We've got a trip planned to the library tomorrow.

Sean is getting ready for the Honors Recital at the NC Music Teachers Association. Since he received a Superior rating at the State competition at the end of last school year, he was invited to the Honors Recital. No two students can play the same piece, so they have to get their selections in early. They can pick any piece they would like, too. Sean picked Prokofieff's "Playing Tag". He's still got a month to polish it for the recital, but here is a video of him playing:

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