Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soap Wins

Hey—just an interesting note tonight. Sean did his science fair project on hand sanitizers. Soap won. Since we have no way of telling which organisms we grew on our agar plates, we just did a timed test to see which one killed the bacteria the fastest (We could have stained them gram pos/neg…. but we did not do that and Lord knows it would be too difficult to count them!)

Soap killed the bacteria in 3 minutes, the apple hand sanitizer from bath and body works killed the bacteria in 5, hospital grade epi-clenz killed it in 7 minutes and the alcohol gel (Germ-X) was still working on it at 9 minutes out.

Of course we know that the hospital grade stuff kills more strains of bacteria…. Like MRSA and also kills yeast and VRE….. We just tested the germs found on our hands in our own house.

We used Method Lavender soap from Target, in case anyone was wondering.

Sean’s hypothesis was that the hospital grade stuff would be the best, but soap won instead! Good lesson learned, huh!?


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