Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sean's Declaration of Independence Paper

The Declaration of Independence

Years before the Declaration of Independence there was a conflict between America and Britain. The colonists were angry with King George for treating them so badly. They believed that King George had no right to tax them without representation. So they protested in many ways. They also sent King George several petitions asking him to treat them better. King George did not listen and sent troops to make sure they obeyed the laws. The troops raised the tension and it led to clashes. The colonists talked about freedom from what they called a tyrannical government.

The Declaration of Independence has four sections. The first part explains that people should declare their reasons for separating from their government. The second part declares our rights. It says the government should protect the rights and if it fails to do so the people can and should overthrow it. It also says that a fair government protects the rights of the people. The third section lists King George’s charges to show that he was a tyrant. The last section declares America free from British rule. All fifty-six members of Congress signed the Declaration of Independence.

By Sean Curran

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