Monday, November 23, 2009


October flew by and we had a wonderful Halloween party. I never got around to posting pictures here. Those of you on Facebook can see them there. We had a busy time setting up J's muscle biopsy. After we found out he developed swallowing problems, we felt we really should proceed. We are looking at Mitochondrial disorders. Joseph had his muscle biopsy surgery last week along with Met testing and other "stuff". It will take up to 12 weeks to get the results back. You can see pictures in the next post.

We've managed to keep up with school. It is always tricky when trying to balance hospital stays and procedures with school work. Matthew has really been doing well with his first year in High School. We are still using Seton. Sean is in 8th grade and working on Algebra II. Things are moving right along!

Matthew is still doing a great job with the pro-life student group he started. This month, they met at OLOG in Greensboro to listen to a pro-life talk. I was excited to be able to attend, too. The teens are great.

In October, Sean played his piece at the State Superiors Honors Recital. He did well for playing in a recital hall at UNCG filled with people. Video below:

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