Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Life is always Crazy!

HappySt. Patrick's Day! This is Sean's patron saint.  His middle name and the saint he has chosen as his confirmation name.  He has learned a lot about St. Patrick this past year.  Grandma and Grandpa even sent him a book.  St. Patrick is one of my favorite saints -- I was named after him.  I was only given a 10% chance of living when I was born and was baptized soon after I came into the world.  My dad forgot what I was to be named and the priest offered information about St. Patrick and thus I was named. 

Remember Henry, our rabbit? He has a lot of health issues.  Last week he ended up needing surgery again.  Joseph and I laughed when we brought him to the vet earlier for a hematoma in his ear and hte vets said, "I've seen this in dogs, I've seen this in cats, but in fifteen years, I have never seen this in a rabbit and I have seen a lot of rabbits."  Only Henry.  The vet drained his ear two days in a row thinking that it might heal.  I drianed his ear (I have all the proper tools thanks to our 'medical life')  It just got worse..... so he had surgery on Wednesday and guess what?  His ear is worse than ever!  Some days, you just have to laugh.  God has a sense of humor, that is for sure.

Sean competed at the District piano competition and received a superior rating.  He now gets to go to the state competiton in a few weeks.  He'll play the same three pieces he played at district. 

In the last few weeks, we have been trying to adjust to the new "dead fish pills" and increased in dose of other medications.  The boys levels came back and we've had to increase a few things so that we can hopefully get them in the target range. Also been trying to find an alternative to the dead fish pills... an unflavored liquid.  Of course, most pharmacies get it in cherry and the boys, well, they would prefer no flavor!  I am still learning about Mitochondrial disease.  I hope to get to a conference at some point.  I often wonder if I should just leave it and not worry about learning, but I know me and I have to know the ins and outs of it all. 

The Bone Marrow Failure Disease Symposium was great.  Dr. Harris did a great job speaking.  I had fun outside the conference, too.  Hubby's aunt brought me to a wonderful stamping store that is sure to be a "must visit" every time we are up there in the DC area.  The Queen's Ink is just so wonderful and the owner (who happens to be a Patti) is VERY nice!  We had been looking for a camel stamp for several years and could never find many to choose from, much less one that was large enough to be the centerpiece of a special card.  She looked in one of her suppliers websites and found the perfect one. 

You'd think finding a camel rubber stamp would be easy, but trust me, it just isn't.  Lions, tigers, bears, oh my .... you can find those.  Elephants are everywhere.... but camels, not so much!  Not even at Christmas. 

As we plod along in school (M will e going year-round--high school is difficult to keep up with when we travel to hospitals and have so much going on in the medical area) we are preparing for another fun Around the World Night.  Over the last 4 years, we have really come to love thsi special night with special homeschooling friends.  It is a lot of fun!  The boys have each picked a country.  Mexico, Bahamas and Brazil -- 

In a few weeks, the boys will perform in the play they have been working all year on.  The original Cheaper by the Dozen.  It is going to be a great piece of work.  They are already trying to decie what they will do next year! 

Baseball is starting soon for Sean.  He is really excited.  The ball fields won't be ready this weekend, so they have put the evals off until April sometime.  We are also working with friends to kick off a new homeschool baseball team.  Check out the Triad Blue Jays website.  We are so excited to be working with wonderful families to get this team off the ground.  Of course Dave is the driving force and real work behind it.  We just man the stations and warm the benches. Sean has been practicing when weather will allow and also using his Christmas gift of private lessons (4 total) to get ready for the upcoming High Point Pony League season in preparation for his Freshman Year of baseball!  Hard to believe that next year I will have two kids in high school.... and the following year, all three will be in high school!  OH MY!  What happened to my babies?

Each and every year has brought so many blessings and we have enjoyed homeschooling.... even with the ups and downs of daly life!

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