Friday, September 16, 2011

Football Season

The first official HFL football game is this Saturday in Greensboro.  First we pray for the safety of all the boys and ask for God's protection as they engage in the wonderful sport of tackle football.  We are blessed to be part of a Christ-centered league.  It is absolutely amazing. This year, we welcome Sean, who came over from the dark side of playing fall baseball!  Below is Sean's first official picture as a Greensboro Panther.  He told me last night that he will be starting Left Tackle and will be back up defensive ends (both sides, but not at once!).  We're just excited to watch him play in his first game.   Matthew promises me that tomorrow he will allow me to get one picture of him with his brother in uniform.  THAT will make for a great scrapbook page.

We've had a great experience in the last 3 years with HFL.  We are the only Catholics out there and when people ask questions about our Catholic faith, I am glad that Matthew knows his faith, knows the Bible and can defend our faith.  These families are wonderful, Christ-centered families and I know they understand that our lives are centered on Jesus Christ, too, even though we have different faiths.  Matthew spoke at our church recently and he mentioned that he was the only Catholic on his football team.  He said going to the DYC made him realize he really isn't alone....... 

Every practice, the players and coaches pray before and after. They also have a devotion.  No where else would you find coaches and players dedicated to Jesus Christ like here in the HFL. It is a blessing in our lives and we are blessed to have these families as part of our lives.

Our Newest Panther Family Member

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